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303.2 Vet nursing abbreviations

Ad lib As much as desired
SID Once a day
BID Twice a day
TID Three times a day
QID Four times a day
BAR Bright alert responsive
QAR Quiet alert responsive
BP Blood pressure
BW Body weight
C/E Clinical exam
CHF Congestive heart failure
CNS Central nervous system
CSF Cerebral spinal fluid
DJD Degenerative joint disease
D+ Diarrhoea
Dx Diagnosis
ECG Electrocardiogram
EOD Every other day
FAD Flea allergy dermatitis
FeLV Feline Leukaemia Virus
FIV Feline immunodeficiency virus
FIP Feline infectious peritonitis
FLUTD Feline lower urinary tract disease
Fx Fracture
GDV Gastrodilation and volvulous (bloat)
GI Gastrointestinal
HCT Haematocrit (PCV)
PCV Packed cell volume
IM Intramuscular
IV Intravenous
NSAID Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
OA Osteoarthritis
PO Per os (orally) or Post op
PUPD Polyuria, polydipsia
PRN As required
q Every (q4h = every 4hrs)
RBC Red blood cells
SC Subcutaneous
SO Stitches out
Sx Surgery
T4 Thyroid hormones
TSH Thyroid stimulating hormones
UTI Urinary tract infection
U+ Urinating
V+ Vomiting
WBC White blood cells
MN/FN Male neutered/Female neutered
ME/FE Male entire/ Female entire
DUDE Drinking, urinating, defecating, eating
BIOP Been in owners possesion
DDx Different diagnosis
FB Foreign body
GA General anaesthetic
PABS Pre-anaesthetic blood profile
TPR Temperature, pulse, respiration
ICU Intensive care unit
DSH Domestic short hair
RVN Registered veterinary nurse
VS Veterinary surgeon
Sg Specific gravity
NAD No abnormality detected
IP Intraperitoneal
DOB Date of birth
SOP Standard operating procedure
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