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301.3 Vet nursing Equipment in vet practice

How should equipment in vet practices be maintained and serviced? According to the manufacturer's guidelines
Regulation for ensuring electrical equipment is maintained? Electricity at work regulations 1989
How often should Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) be carried out? Every 2 years
A life-saving device to prevent electrical shocks? Residual current device (RCD)
An otoscope is used to examine what? Ears
An ophthalmascope is used to examine what? Eyes
How often should a thermometer be cleaned and disinfected? Before and after every patient
How should a thermometer be cleaned? Should be wiped down with 2% chlorhexidine or 70% isopropyl alcohol
How often should clippers be cleaned? Should be cleaned and oiled after every use
How should you oil the clippers? A couple of drops of oil between the upper and lower blades while they are running
A refractometer is used to measure what? Specific gravity of urine
Temperature of an autoclave? 121oC
Pressure of an autoclave? 15psi
How often should the autoclave be serviced? Yearly
When should the soda lime on the anaesthetic machine be changed? After 14hrs of use
When should an anaesthetic machine, including vaporiser, be serviced? Yearly
How often should flusorber containers be weighed? Daily
Thin and sharp dental tool. Used to cut the periodontal ligament and separate tooth from bone. Luxator
Thin, but strong and sturdy dental tool. Used to lever or pry teeth out of the socket. Elevators
Sharp dental tool. Used to measure gingival recession. Peridontal probe
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