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Anatomical terms

302.1 Vet nursing anatomical terminology

A- Without/not
Anti- Working against
Ante- Before
Pre- Before
Brady- Slow
Cyto- A cell
Dys- Difficulty; impaired
Endo- Within
Hyper- Higher
Epi- Upon; outside of
Eryth(ro)- Red blood cell
Hypo- Lower
Peri- Around
Poly- Many
Post- After
Pyo- Pus
Tachy- Fast
-aemia Relating to blood
-cyte A cell
-ectomy Cutting out; removal
-genic Causing
-ia -iasis Condition; state
-itis Inflammation
-oma Tumour; neoplasm
-osis Disease order or state
-ostomy Surgical opening
Arthr(o) Joint
Cardi(o) Heart
Chondr(o) Cartilage
Cyst(o) Bladder
Derm(ato) Skin
Gloss(o) Tongue
Lingual Tongue
Haem(ato/o) Blood
Hist(io/o) Tissue
Hepat(o) Liver
Mamm(o) Mammary
Mast(o) Mammary
Metr(a/o) Uterus
My(o) Muscle
Neur(o) Nerves
Opthalm(o) Eyes
Orchi(d) Testes
Oste(o) Bone
Pneum(o) Lungs
-pnoea Breathing
Ren- Kidney
Rhin(o) Nose
Trich(o) Hair
Vas(o) Vessel; duct
Nephr(o) Kidney
Caudal Tail (towards the rear of the animal)
Cranial Head (towards the front of the animal)
Dorsal Back (towards the vertebral column of the animal and the corresponding surfaces on the head, neck and tail)
Ventral Belly (towards the belly or lowermost surface of the body)
Rostral Only used on the head, towards the nose.
Medial Towards the middle of the animal/limb
Lateral Towards the side of the animal/limb
Palmar Underside of the front foot
Plantar Underside of the back foot
Proximal Towards the body
Distal Away from the body
Deep Near the core of the animal
Superficial Near the outside of the animal
Ipsolateral On the same side
Contralateral On the opposite side
Dorsal plane Runs parallel to the back of the animal
Transverse plane Perpendicular to the long axis of the animal (divides into cranial and caudal)
Median / mid-sagittal plane Divides the body into equal left and right parts
Sagittal / Paramedian plane Any line parallel to the median plane
Flexion Bending (decreasing angle of the joint)
Extension Straightening (increasing the angle of the joint)
Abduction Moving limb distal to joint away from body
Adduction Moving limb distal to joint towards body
Rotation Movement shown by pivot joint
Circumduction Moving one end of a long bone in a circular motion (not a twist)
Gliding/sliding Flat surfaces moving across each other
Protraction Lengthening the limb
Retraction Shortening the limb
Ecto- Outside
Extra- Outside/beyond
Hemi- Half
Infra- Below
Inter- Between/among
Intra- Within
Neo- New
Retro- Backward/behind
Semi- Part/half
Sub- Under
Super- Above
Supra- Above
Trans- Across/over
Ultra- Beyond
-algia Pain
-centesis Puncture to draw out fluid
-emisis Vomit
-logy Study
-penia Deficiency/lack of
-pexy Fixation/surgical repair
-phobia Fear of
-plasia Formation/development
-phone Sound
-phagia Swallowing/eating
-stomy Artificial opening/mouth
-tomy Cut into
-rrhoea Flow
Ot(o) Ear
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