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Vet Benzodiazepines


Benzodiazepines are most commonly used ____________ medication anti-anxiety
They are also grouped in ____________ medication sedative-hypnotic
They are also classified as centrally mediated ____________ ____________ muscle relaxants
Mechanism of action: CNS depression specific to the areas in ____________, _________ and ______ system of the brain hypothalamic, thalamic, limbic
Indications anxiety relief, sedation, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxants, appetite stimulant, retrograde amnesia
Sedative effects through depression of limbic system
Muscle relaxing effect via inhibiting of the ______ at the spinal level internunical neurons
There are two major inhibitory amino acid neuro transmitters in the CNS= glycine and gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA)
_______ performs inhibitory function in the spinal cord, brain stem and retina. glycine.
GABA is found in the __________ and _________ cerebrum and cerebellum
Benzodiazepines action is through _________ of specific (BZ) receptors stimulation
There are as many as __________ variations of BZ receptors 6
How many categories of action can be identified 3
Agents which _________ _________ bindings and - induced ___________ current are known agonist. increases GABA, chloride
Drugs that reduce ______ ______ binding and induce _______ _______ are known as inverse agonists. both GABA, chloride influx
Drugs that reduce both GABA and induce Chloride influx are known as inverse agonists
inverse agonists are responsible for anxiety, convulsion and analeptic properties
The third group the genuine antagonist of both agonist and inverse agonist are drugs that bind but have no efficacy at the site, _________ is a drug of this type flumazenil
How many types of GABA receptors are found at pre and post synaptic site 2
what are the GABA type of receptors found at pre and post synaptic site. A & B
Important to remember is that Benzodiazepines potentates the action of __________ and increases the frequency of _________ channel opening. GABA, Chloride (Cl)
Benzodiazepines derivatives are Diazepam, Midazolam, Chloradiazepoxide, Lorazepam, Alprazolam, Clonazepam, Zolazepam, Chlodiazepam.
Which Benzodiazepines are used in Veterinary Medicine Diazepam, Midazolam, Zolazepam, Chlodiazepam
What are the common names for BZ used in Veterinary Medicine Valium, Versed, Zolazepam, Chlodiazepam
How many BZs are we learning about 8
How many BZs are used in Veterinary Medicine 4
What is the acronym for the BZs use in Vet Med. DMZC
Name for Diazepam Valium
Name for Midazolam Versed
Name for Chloradiazepoxide Librium
Name for Lorazepam Ativan
Name for Alprazolam Xanax
Name for Clonazepam Klonopin
This drug is insoluble in water, solution contains solvent propylene glycol, ethanol and sodium benzoate in benzoic acid Diazepam
IV injection of __________ can cause thrombophlebitis. Diazepam
Can Diazepam be used orally? Yes
Which of these can Diazepam pass through? the blood-brain barrier or placental barrier Both
What percent of Diazepam is protein bound almost 90%
Diazepam's half life is 6 to 21 hours
How is diazepam metabolized in the liver by demethylation and hydroxylation
In the liver diazepam is demthylated and hydroxylated to how many forms 3
what are the active forms of diazepam demethylated and hydroxylated by the liver N-demethyldiazepam, 3-hydroxydiazepam and oxazepam
Diazepam metabolites are conjugated to ________ by the liver. glucuronide
Glucuronide is excreted by Kidneys
Is the toxcity of Diazepam low or high low
How do you treat an overdose of Diazepam with flumazenil
Clinical Uses for Diazepam include convulsion control, used in dog, cat, horse to prevent post-op convulsion caused by use of contrast media into spinal cord for radiography, premedication for sedation, etc
Diazepam has been used as muscle relaxation with what other drugs to perform minor surgical procedures ketamin, xylazine, opiods, etc
This drug is water soluble and not painful given IV Midazolam
Midazolam is metabolized by the liver
what is the half life of Midazolam shorter than Diazepam
Midazolam effects on repiratory and cardivascular are minimal like others in the group
Midazolam are used widely with combinations of opioids
Does Midazolam readily cross the blood-brain barrier yes
which is more potent Midazolam or Diazepam Midazolam
Midazolam clinical uses include anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, appetite stimulant
what is the acronym for Midazolam clinical uses the AMA
Midazolam is combined with ketamine and other anesthetics
Diazepam and Midazolam can cause what type of changes in dogs and cats behavior
Midazolam can cause these animals restless, to pace, vocalize, and difficult to approach cats
can midazolam cause an increase or decrease in food consumption increase
what drug antagonizes the effects of all benzodiazepines flumazenil
what is another name for flumazenil romazicon
what action speed of flumazenil rapid 2 to 4 minutes
Reversal by flumazenil is or is not accompanied by anxiety and cardiovascular effects is not
how long does the antagonistic effects of flumazenil effects last about 60 minutes
should you ever redose flumazenil yes it may be required
Zolazepam is sold in combination with tiletamine
in what ration is zolazepam and tiletamine sold in 1 : 1
what is the combination of zolazepam and tiletamine called? telazol.
Telazole contains what 250mg of zolazepam and 250mg of tiletamine
tiletamine is a dissociative agent similar to ketamine
Telazole is widely used in ruminants
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