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health chapter 11

metabolism process where your body breaks down the food you eat
Body Mass Index (BMI) measure of weight combined with height
overweight above the average weight for your height
obese more body fat
underweight under the average weight for your height
body image the way we look at ourselves
fad diets weight loss plans for a short amount of time
weight cycling rollercoaster of gaining and losing weight
Anorexia Nervosa do not eat
Bulimia Nervosa eat and then purge
binge eating disorder overeat all the time
What are the factors that affect nutritional needs? age, gender, activity level
vegetarian don't eat any meat
dietary supplements help with nutrients
diabetes type 1 born with it
diabetes type 2 gets it from being overweight
food allergies allergic to a certain food
lactose intolerant can't drink milk, eat cheese, ice cream, dairy
celiac disease gluten intolerance
high blood pressure blood pressure is too high
high cholesterol bad levels of cholesterol are too high
herbal supplements supplements that contain plant extracts
megadoses take very large doses of supplements
how to manage your weight choose low calorie food, watch portion size, enjoy favorite food in moderation, be active,
physical activity relieves stress, promotes a normal appetite, creates self-esteem, feel more energetic
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