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Chapter 14 in AFAA PFT Certification

What (4) aspects can help you effectively format your business plan? Identify the PFT needs of your community, Develop your plan specific to this area of focus, Implement your plan, Evaluate your success
List (8) ways to market and promote your business Develop materials specific to target your market, Decide hot to atract your market, Network with professionals, Network with Equipment stores, Write articles in newspapers, magazines, etc; create a press release, Word of mouth, Offer complimentary session
Name some examples of business policies important for a personal trainer How much to charge, No-show/Late/Cancellation policies, policies for behavior, dress, etc. in dressing room
Briefly describe some differences between an independent contractor and an employee Salary methods, Benefits provided or not, Trained by employer or not, How taxes are managed
Define: Corporation A legal distinct entity, having an independent existence separate of any owners, shareholders, or employees of that corporation
Define: Partnership A business owned by 2 or more individuals
Define: Sole Proprietorship A business owned and operated by 1 person
Define: Risk Management Managing yourself and your business in such a way as to reduce your risk of being sued
Define: Negligence A failure to conform your conduct to a generally accepted standard of care
Define: Standard of Care Industry-wide standards to maintain
Define: Liability Insurance Protects you from potential serious financial loss in the event of a lawsuit and provides peace of mind
Describe an Informed Consent Form It explains, in reasonable detail, the exercise test and/or program, outlines potential risks, dangers, and discomforts, & describes the expected benefits of the test or program
Name (6) steps to take to manage your risk and protect your client Regularly update client's history; Document everything; Become and stay certified; Stay up-to-date and follow exercise testing guidelines; Ensure your client's programs are appropriate; Your client's safety is your ultimate responsibility
Define a PFT's scope of practice Exercise habits and programs
Define HIPAA and how it affects a PFT It is a privacy standard to help protect a client's medical records/history. PFT's are not permitted to look up a client's medical history/records.
List (5) ways to continue your education as a PFT Return to school; Go on for Advanced Certification; Subscribe to and read professional journals; Read textbooks; Attend higher level workshops and conferences
Created by: BeeGe1026