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Julie has just completed an exercise confidence survey as part of her initial consultation. She indicated that she has low confidence in her ability to stick with an exercise program after a long, tiring day at work. Which of the following strategies woul Suggest scheduling her workout sessions before work or during her lunch hour.
When performing a seated row exercise, you notice the client's shoulders rising up toward his ears during each repetition. What is the MOST likely causing this movement error? Tight upper trapezius overpowering weakness in the middle and lower trapezius.
What is the MOST appropriate method for correcting a client's form during an exercise in which the client demonstrates an undesirable forward-head posture? Putting your hand where the client's head should be and instructing her to glide her head back to touch your hand
Your new client, Sarah, is a strong believer in the practice of vitamin supplementation. After reviewing her three-day food diary, which includes her supplement schedule, you determine that Sarah is taking megadoses of vitamins B6, B12, and niacin. Which "Your food diary revealed that you are taking an amount of vitamins that could potentially lead to health problems. I encourage you to adopt the principles of the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and discuss your supplementation habits with your phys
The initial assessment with a new client reveals that her waist circumference is 35 inches and her hip circumference is 34 inches. Which of the following statements about these measurements is MOST accurate? She is at risk for health problems due to excess abdominal fat
During the initial interview, a new client claims, "I want to lose 15 lb. (6.8 kg) in the next month for my high school reunion." Which of the following responses would be MOST appropriate? Acknowledge her enthusiasm and help her develop more realistic goals and a series of achievable steps work toward them.
A client wants to quickly lose the 20 pounds (9.1 kg) he has gained during the past 10 years. Which of the following timeframes would be MOST appropriate for him to safely achieve his weight-loss goal? 3 to 5 months
Mary is a healthy, 43-year-old female with no prior exercise experience. Which initial cardiorespiratory exercise program would be MOST appropriate for her? Begin with continuous exercise as tolerated below the talk test threshold and work up to 30 continuous minutes performed 5 days per week
Henry is a healthy, 29-year-old male with no prior exercise experience. After an initial muscle-conditioning program that focused first on stability and mobility, followed by movement training with 1-2 sets of 15 repetitions of light- to moderate-intensit 70 to 80% 1 RM
Which intensity range is MOST appropriate for causing muscle fatigue in an appropriate number of repetitions to facilitate muscle hypertrophy? 70 to 80% 1 RM
After several months of sticking to his exercise program, a client informs you that he is pleased with his progress and would like to enhance his rate of building muscle mass by incorporating creatine supplementation into his current program. "While some research shows that creatine may enhance muscular performance, it would be best for you to discuss supplementation with your physician prior to taking it."
Which of the following responses to this client's inquiry about creatine is the MOST appropriate? "While some research shows that creatine may enhance muscular performance, it would be best for you to discuss supplementation with your physician prior to taking it."
Larry is a client with whom you have been working for the past three months. During that time, he has cancelled or failed to show up for approximately 20% of scheduled workout sessions with you. Recently, Larry's work commitments have increased and he inf Contemplation
Which of the following provides the BEST assessment of acceleration and speed? 40-yard dash
What is a diabetic client MOST likely to experience if he or she takes too much insulin prior to an exercise session? Hypoglycemia
When performing initial cardiorespiratory fitness assessments with a client who is taking a beta blocker, which of the following medication-related effects SHOULD be expected? Decreased exercise heart rate and decreased resting heart rate
Postural screening performed with a new client reveals that he has a posterior pelvic tilt and a decreased anterior curvature of the lower back. Based on this information, which muscles should be PRIMARY focus in this client's flexibility program? Rectus abdominis and hamstrings
Cindy's first attempt at the incline bench press exercise appears shaky and uncoordinated. After the set, Cindy comments that she had a hard time feeling her chest muscles working and that it was challenging to move her arms in a controlled manner. Which Cognitive
Which of the following actions is withing a personal trainer's scope of practice? Reviewing a client's food journal to identify high-fat choices and providing education about lower-fat options
What is the PRIMARY goal of a resistance-training program consisting of three sets of 12 to 16 repetitions for all major muscle groups? Muscular endurance
You have just completed McGill's torso muscular endurance test battery with a client. Which of the following results from this battery of assessments should be of PRIMARY focus when designing this client's exercise program, as it is indicative of a muscle Right-side bridge: Left-side bridge ratio = 1.09 (85 seconds: 78 seconds)
As you are assessing a new client's static posture from the posterior view, you observe that the medical borders and inferior angle of his scapulae protrude away from the posterior surface of his back. This postural deviation is commonly referred to as "s Serratus anterior
On her health screening form, Carrie indicates that she has been diagnosed with "tennis elbow." Which of the following anatomical structures is MOST affected by this condition? The lateral epicondyle of the humerus
A small-group training participant who enjoys the camaraderie of the group environment finds herself feeling as though she cannot keep up with the conditioning level of the other participants. What is the BEST recommendation for the trainer to make for th Offer her the opportunity to switch to another small-group training class that is better match for her level of conditioning
At your request, a client visits his physician regarding recurrent leg pain. The physician diagnoses him with sciatica and instructs him to complete physical therapy for his problem. Which muscle is MOST commonly involved with sciatica due to its location Piriformis
The "talk test" would be LEAST appropriate for which of the following clients? A marathon runner trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon
A new member of your health club has been cleared by her physician to begin an exercise program after recently celebrating her 65th birthday. Which of the following exercise parameters is MOST appropriate for her initial program? Strength training utilizing low resistance and high repetitions
During a bend and lift screen (anterior view), you notice a client's knees moving inward. Based on this assessment, which muscles are MOST likely weak? Gluteus medius and maximus
Postural screening conducted with a new client reveals that he has an exaggerated posterior curve in his thoracic spine and protracted shoulders, with the backs of his hands facing forward. Kyphosis posture with internal rotation of arms
Which of the following stages of the client-trainer relationship involves the building of mutual trust and emotional affinity that begins at the initial meeting? Rapport
Postural screening conducted with a new client reveals that he has an exaggerated posterior curve in his thoracic spine and forward, rounded shoulders, with the backs of his hands facing forward. Which of the following sets of muscles and muscle groups sh Shoulder adductors and serratus anterior
After working with a local celebrity for nine months, he expresses to you how pleased he is with the results of his exercise program and the weight he has lost. Because of his celebrity status in your community, you would like to use his testimonial in yo Discuss with him your ideas and, if he approves, request that he sign an agreement stating that he grants you permission.
A new client tells you that he has been jogging 3-4 days per week for the past six weeks following a program from a popular health magazine. He has worked his way up to jogging 30 continuous minutes at an intensity of 70% of his predicted maximal HR, whic Programming above/below HR and VT 1 determined via the submaximal talk test for VT 1
You are working with a client who tells you that she has her greatest success with commitments when there is a reward for her to earn upon program completion. As such, you work together to create a behavioral contract with built-in rewards to enhance her "I will lose 1 to 2 pounds per week for the next two months so I can buy a new outfit."
A new client wants to lose weight and body fat, and agrees to have his body composition assessed during the initial session. He currently weighs 220 lb (100 kg) with 25% body fat (BF%). He wants to decrease his body-fat level to 15%. If he maintains his c 194 lb
A client you are working with weighs 200 lb (91 kg) and has a primary focus on increasing muscular strength and hypertrophy through resistance training 5-6 days per week. He is unsure of how much protein he should be consuming to maximize results and asks 146 to 155 grams
What type of contraction is performed by the latissimus dorsi during the downward (lowering) phase of the pull-up exercise? Eccentric
Which of the following flexibility assessment results would indicate TIGHTNESS in the infraspinatus and teres minor? Limited ROM during internal shoulder rotation
A new client expresses her concerns about the fitness testing that is advertised in the personal training brochure from the facility where you train. She claims that the thought of being weighed and having her body composition assessed makes her uncomfort Explain that these assessments are only options, and are not required. Then have her complete a health-history form and only conduct assessments that facilitate program design, such as posture and basic movement.
Ryan is a busy, young executive who works 60 hours per week. He is hired you to develop a realistic exercise program that will fit his hectic schedule and to help him adopt sensible eating habits to help facilitate weight loss. He has recorded a three-day It has a high content of both saturated far and trans fat.
Ryan is busy, young executive who works 60 hours per week. He has hired you to develop a realistic exercise program that will fit his hectic schedule and to help him adopt sensible eating habits to help facilitate weight loss. He has recorded a three-day Carbohdrates
A new client request to train online at local beaches, parks, and trails. What is the FIRST precaution to take when training clients outdoors in public places? The trainer should check with the city or property manager to make sure that the areas of interest for training have been identified as "legal."
Randy is a client you have been working with for several months. During that time, he has reached a level of conditioning that allows him to perform 40 continuous minutes of cardiorespiratory exercise at an intensity of 75% MHR. During his annual check-up Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE)
Which of the following is OUTSIDE the scope of practice of an ACE-certified Personal Trainer? Recommending an alternative therapy in place of a conventional therapy
You are checking equipment in preparation for your next client to arrive for her training session and notice that an exercise bike is not functioning properly and may post a danger to your client and other gym members. What is the BEST plan of action to t Remove the exercise bike from the gym floor.
Which of the following documents may be presented in a lawsuit to release a fitness professional from liability related to a client's injury? Waiver
Preston is a weightlifter who exercises multiple times per week at the facility where you work. You notice that in his regular standing position, he exhibits a posture in which his shoulders are rounded forward and the backs of his hands face forward when An exercise program that focuses mainly on building the pectorals and latissimus dorsi without proper stretching of those muscles
After three months of training, your client has achieved rapid weight loss and is now borderline underweight. She exhibits an intense fear of gaining weight and appears increasingly concerned with her appearance. Which of the following disorders is MOST l Anorexia nervosa
Six months have passed since you started training Claire. She has consistently attended all her scheduled workout sessions and shown significant improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. However, her body Refer Claire to a registered dietitian.
When teaching a client a new exercise, you should first describe the correct technique, then demonstrate the proper movement, and, lately, allow the client to perform the exercise. What type of teaching approach is this? Tell-show-do method
Your client with type 2 diabetes just received a six-month progress report from his physician. According to his physician, he has experienced many positive health changes due to his exercise program and diet modifications. Which of the following the MOST Decreased insulin resistance
Which of the following recommendations for fluid intake is CORRECT for a client who primarily exercises outside during hot weather? 7-10 fluid ounces of water every 10-20 minutes
Your client has lost 10 pounds of body fat in 60 days. What was the daily average caloric deficit required for this client to lose weight at this rate? 583 kcal per day
Your client has consistently performed 10 to 20 exercises per session, two to three times per week for six months. He is ready to be challenged with more advanced resistance-training program. You decided to introduce a program wherein her performs 10 repe Breakdown training
When designing an INITIAL exercise program for a client who has postural instability and hip mobility issues, which exercise should be included because it improves core stability and hip mobility and stability? Glute bridge
Which of the following statements represents the MOST effective feedback for helping a client correctly complete his first set of bench press exercise using a barbell? "Great job of keeping your posture, now try widening your hand position slightly and you'll have better control of the bar."
You are working with a new client who has been diagnosed as having borderline hypertension and has a physician's release for exercise. In addition to designing an appropriate exercise program for her, you ask her to complete a three-day record. Which of t Lunch: roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich, chips, and 16 oz regular soda
According to research conducted with elite endurance athletes, what percentage of training time should individuals training for pear performance in endurance events spend in zone 1(HR < VT 1), zone 2 (HR >_ VT 1 to HR < VT 2), and zone 3 (HR >_ VT2)? Zone 1 = 70-80%, zone 2 = less than 10%, zone 3 = 10-20%
Once a client is proficient at performing jumps in place and single linear jumps, which of the following plyometric drills would provide the MOST appropriate intensity progression? Multiple linear jump
A regular client says that he feels "good" and is "ready to exercise" during the warm-up portion of a training session. While performing a dumbbell shoulder press exercise with the same weight that he used during a training session three days prior, he gr Contributory negligence
You are trying to implement forward lunges into a client's program, but he is having difficulty performing the exercise correctly. Which exercise would be MOST appropriate to include in his exercise program to help him eventually progress to a forward lun Half-kneeling lunge rise
Which of the following changes to a client's stance position would INCREASE the challenge during a balance exercise? Bringing the feet from a hip-width stance to a narrow stance