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Ace ReviewQuestion13

Ace Chapter 17,18 Review Questions

What business structure puts a personal trainer at the GREATEST risk for losing personal assets in the event of a lawsuit filed by a client for an incident related to personal-training services provided? Sole proprietorship
Which business structure combines the limited liability and flow-through taxation of the S-corp with easier creation and operation requirements? Limited liability partnership
What is a personal trainer MOST likely to give up when switching from working as an independent contractor to working as an employee of a fitness facility? Flexibility to set his or her own schedule and pricing
Which of the following business practices would be MOST likely to put a facility at risk for improperly categorizing personal trainers as independent contractors? Requiring all personal trainers to follow the same assessment and programming procedures
What is the BEST method for ensuring that all aspects of a client-personal trainer relationship are properly established? Signed contract
In which scenario is the personal trainer MOST likely to be found guilty of negligence? The trainer is talking with another club member while the client injures himself due to poor form
What is the legal term used to describe a situation where a trainer fails to act and a client is injured, but the client is determined to have played a role in his or her own injury? Contributory negligence
What form is used to have the client acknowledge that he or she has been specifically informed about the risks associated with the activity in which he or she is about to engage? Informed consent
Personal trainer who provide training sessions to individuals and/or groups in clients' homes or outdoor settings should check wth their current insurance providers to see if they are covered for training in these settings or if they need to add a(n) ___ Specific insurance rider
Which of the following would violate intellectual property laws? Using the ACE logo to promote nutritional products, DVDs, or equipment sold by an ACE Certified Professional
What is the recommended amount of professional liability insurance coverage that personal trainer should carry? $1,000,000
Which of the following situations would put an independent contractor at risk for prosecution? Training clients for a fee in a facility without notifying or paying the facility owner
The mission statement and business model should be detailed in which component of business plan? Business description
When conducting a SWOT analysis, where should a personal trainer list the following entry: "The club is unable to meet the needs of the current volume of potential personal-training clientele"? Opportunities
What is the BEST way for a personal trainer to establish relatively immediate emotional connections with clients by defining the quality of personal-training services clients can expect? Developing a strong brand
Which of the following would be the LEAST effective method for a personal trainer to attract potential new clients? Posting a trainer profile filled with personal athletic achievements
Which of the following would mOST likely be seen as a limitation by a client participating in small-group personal training? Another participant in the group who requires constant individual attention from the trainer
In addition to marketing personal-training services to clients, what other skill must a personal trainer develop to become successful at selling training sessions? Being able to ask for the sale
Which of the following is an example of a question that focuses on the needs of the client? "what has kept you from achieving your goals in the past?"
What is an advantage of selling personal-training programs that have a specific outcome focus such as weight loss or preparation for a specific event? They foster program adherence, as clients begin the program with a specific goal in mind
Which of the following activities do busy personal trainers often neglect in the day-to-day operations of their business? Exercise
What is the recommended first step for a personal trainer in establishing a personal budget? List all monthly expenses
Which of the following is NOT one of the potential benefits of a sole proprietorship? A corporate veil shields the owner from losses
When working in a general partnership with a family member, it is a good idea to operate the business as a 50-50 partnership so that both partners have an equal say in how the business is run False
A company experiences a yearly loss and one of the partners uses that loss to offset profits from another business. This is an example of __________. Flow-through taxation
Which type of corporation is most typically used by personal-training businesses? Subchapter S-corporations
Which of the following business structures has double taxation as one of its primary disadvantages? C-corporation
Which of the following standards has been used when a plaintiff is prevented from receiving remuneration following an injury due to the fact that he was found to have played a minor role in his own injury? Contributory negligence
Which of the following activities falls outside a personal trainer's scope of practice? Providing progressive exercise precriptions
An umbrella liability policy provides added coverage for all of the other insurance that a person may have in place. True
When training in a client's home, a personal trainer must use recordings produced specifically for use in fitness facilities or risk being in violation of copyright law. false
When evaluating the risk of injury associated with a particular activity, a personal trainer finds that the frequency of occurrence is low or seldom, and the severity of injury is categorized as high or vital. What is the BEST course of action? Transfer
A trainer receives a bonus for meeting performance objectives on a quarterly basis. Is this personal trainer more likely a direct employee or an independent contractor Direct employee
Which of the following is a DISADVANTAGE of working as a direct employee? The personal trainer likely has to work an established minimum number of hours.
Which of the following is an ADVANTAGE of working as an independent contractor? The facility allows the trainer to establish all training fees.
In which section of a business plan should a personal trainer identify the operating model and how it is different or unique when compared to other training studios in the area? Business description
Which of the following is NOT one of the key components of the marketing plan portion of the business plan? The barriers of entry into the business
Small-group personal training provides financial benefits to both the trainer and client. True
What is the BEST response if a prospective client is unable to adjust his or her schedule to fit into the time that the personal trainer has available? The trainer should refer this client to another trainer working in the facility.
The trainer should refer this client to another trainer working in the facility. False
Two personal trainers are working in the same market, one as a direct employee and one as an independent contractor. Which one is more likely to be earning a higher per-session training fee? Independent contractor
Having friends or family members pay you directly for personal-training services instead of processing those fees through the fitness facility is a good way to supplement your income. False