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Ace ReviewQuestion11

Ace Chapter 13,14 Review Questions

Which form of mind-body exercise is BEST described as a form of moving meditation? Tai chi
Which type of yoga program is BEST suited for individuals who are new to yoga? Restotrative Yoga
Which type of yoga is also known as "power yoga"? Asthanga Yoga
Which term, also the name of a type of yoga, is synonymous with what is also called "serpent power," or the coiled-up energy contained in the body? Kundalini
Which form of tai chi is the most practiced in the West today? Yang style
An older adult client who is interested in trying mind-body exercise has decided that tai chi might be the best fit for her needs and abilities. Which form of tai chi would you recommend? Sun style
Which contemporary form of mind-body exercise involves floor work and as well as work done on a machine called a reformer? Pilates
Which contemporary form of mind-body exercise includes a moderate-level aerobic component that fosters spontaneity? Nia
One of the means of objectively assessing the success of a mind-body exercise program is to record baseline and serial blood-pressure measurements. True
__________ is the practice of voluntary breath control, consisting of conscious inhalation, retention, and exhalation. Paranyama
Which of the following is NOT a common manifestation of atherosclerosis? Arrhythmias
During a workout, you notice that a client displays a sudden lack of coordination and balance and, when asked, reports trouble seeing. What is the MOST likely cause of these symptoms? Stroke
A client's physician provides the following guideline regarding the intensity of exercise for a new client: "An RPE of 11 to 16 (6 to 20 scale) is the preferred exercise intensity." With which condition is this client MOST likely coping? Type 2 diabetes
A male client brings a form from his primary care physician reporting the following test results: Waist circumference: 41 inchesTriglycerides: 140 mg/dLHDL cholesterol: 38 mg/dLBlood pressure: 128/80 mmHgFasting blood glucose: 93 mg/dL This client currently has the metabolic syndrome. False
Weightbearing and resistance-training activities are MOST important for clients with which of the following diseases or disorders? Osteoporosis
For clients with which of the following diseases or disorders is it MOST important to develop a "regular" pattern of activity that does not result in post-activity malaise? Chronic fatigue syndrome
How often should low-back exercises be performed in order to yield the maximum benefit? 7 days/week
When programming exercise to help a client reduce low-back pain, it is most important to focus on muscular strength, as opposed to muscular endurance. False
Overweight or obese clients who are seeking to lose weight should perform a MINIMUM of _____ minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. 150