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Ace ReviewQuestion10

Ace Chapter 12 Review Questions

Which of the following actions would be most appropriate for an individual who has shortness of breath or difficulty breathing when they are at rest? The individual should talk with a doctor and complete a medical exam before beginning to exercise or undergoing a fitness appraisal
Which of the following postural imbalances can be corrected through exercise? Side dominance
When designing an exercise program for a beginning exerciser, it is generally best to focus on improving the client's posture before shifting the focus to enhancing muscular strength. True
During the Thomas Test, you observe that the client's back of the leg does not touch the table but the knee flexes to 90 degrees. What muscle(s) should you suspect of being tight? Iliopsoas
The VT2 threshold test is used to measure the HR response during high intensity exercise and is recommended for both conditioned and deconditioned individuals. False
After proximal mobility is established in the pelvis and thoracic spine, the focus of the stability and mobility training phase shifts to establishing _______________. Stability of the scapulothoracic joint and mobility of the glenohumeral joint
Which of the following techniques will reduce the balance challenge of an exercise? Lowering the center of mass