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Fit For Life Exam

What are some ways you can tell if you're medically prepared to begin activity? Taking an activity readiness questionnaire; Getting a check up by a physician
Some examples of questions on a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire would be? Do you have joint or chest pain? Have you ever been given medicine for high blood pressure? Has the doctor every told you that you have a medical problem?
You decide to go for a jog during a hot and humid day. What possible problems could arise? heat exhaustion dizziness muscle cramps
To prepare for exercise on a hot and humid day, one would do extra stretching to prevent all problems. True or False? False.
Drinking plenty of water, exercising in cooler times of the day and modifying the workout are good practices for exercising in hot and humid weather. True or False? True.
Hypothermia is a serious condition. Symptoms include shivering, numbness, drowsiness, confusion or disorientation. True or False. True.
Exercise at high altitude presents no safety concern. True or False? False.
Activities that all people can do regardless of age or physical ability. Lifestyle Physical Activities.
Made up of your heart, blood vessels, and your blood. Cardiovascular System.
Made up of your lungs and the air passages that bring air, including oxygen, from outside of the body into the lungs.
A fat-like substance found in meats, dairy products, and egg yolks. Can be dangerous because high levels can build in your body causing a heart attack. Cholesterol.
Target zone: Daily, or most days of week Frequency.
Target zone: Moderate activity equal to brisk walk 200+ calories/day (4-7 METs) Intensity.
Target zone: 30 minutes to several hr in bouts of 10+ minutes Time.
Systolic Pressure The amount of pressure generated as the heart pumps blood and contracts to move blood out of the heart.
Diastolic Pressure Reflects the amount of pressure on the arteries while the heart is at rest.
aerobic means With oxygen
How long of a recovery period is typically needed to recover from an anaerobic exercise? 30 sec to 3 minutes
Check the 3 activities considered to be aerobic activities. cross-country skiing hiking swimming
A healthy person will have a blood pressure reading of 120/80
How many days a week should you do aerobic exercise to develop a good level of fitness? 3-5
How many minutes of aerobic exercise in the target zone will improve aerobic fitness? 20 or more
Which produces greater stress and in turn greater changes on the cardiovascular system? Vigorous Activity
Which of the following would be considered anaerobic exercise? Sprinting to first base in a softball game
What is the best cardio workout? The workout you can keep doing consistently.
Aerobic fitness and Cardiovascular fitness have the same basic meaning. True
The Surgeon General of the United States indicates that, at a minimum, all teens and adults should do 20 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week. False
The word anaerobic means without oxygen. True.
Adaption The body's ability to adjust to the increased or decreased physical demands
The physiological effects of fitness diminished over time, causing the body to revert back to its pretraining condition
Overload An increase in the training workload will bring about physiological that make the body more capable of coping with stresses that may be placed upon it
FITT Frequency, Intensity, Type, and Time of a workout.
Specificity Training should be specific to the physiological adaptions required at the time
Recovery Allows the body to repair completely, which means repair broken tissues and make physiological adaptions, better preparing the body for a similar stimulus in the future.
Three elements of an effective warmup Aerobic activity, dynamic stretch, and activity specific warmup.
Aerobic activity Warms up the body by increasing the need for oxygen in your body.
Aerobic Activity Example Running.
Dynamic Stretch It warms up your body by activating the muscles you will be using during your exercise.
Dynamic Stretch Example High knees.
Activity Specific Warmup It safely prepares your body for the upcoming activity.
Activity Specific Warmup Example Stretching before beginning yoga.
Health is the general condition of the body. True.
Health is being free of disease and pain. True.
The 3 sides of the health triangle are: Physical, mental or emotional and social.
If you workout and eat health foods you're a healthy person. False.
If high blood pressure is not treated, it can damage what The blood vessels in your body.
What causes the arteries to harden? Cholesterol and calcium building up.
When blood flow is restricted, what organs of the body are affected? The heart, brain, eyes and kidneys.
When blood flow is restricted what happens to the heart muscle? It thickens.
What causes a heart attack? Narrowing arteries or if a piece of the blockage falls off.
How can high blood pressure effect your kidneys? They have a hard time producing or cleaning blood.
High blood pressure can have what effect on your eyes? It can cause blurred and lose some of your sight.
Hardening of the blood vessels in the brain can cause what? It can cause a stroke.
If an artery in your brain ruptures causing bleeding and hemorrhaging, what can be the consequences? Slurred speech, paralysis, and lose of consciousness.
Can you control your blood pressure through losing weight, exercise and eating healthy? Yes, doing these three things can help you control and regulate your blood pressure, even if it was high before.
Created by: feliciaavigil