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lifecycle of liverfl

Liverfluke A parasite which affects the liver of an animal, suffers from loss of body condition and may die if untreated
Nine weeks Amount of time spend in the mud snail, goes through three changes
Cyst in the grass After leaving the mudsnail its the location where the liverfluke stays for up to 24 hours
Secondary host an animal which is a host to allow the parasite to develop
Miracidium If conditions are greater than 10 degrees celcius the eggs hatch a larva which is called a
Sporocyst Miricidia produce a larval stage
Redia Further larval of a sporocyst
Cercariae Leaves the mudsnail and form cysts
Primary Host The cow or the sheep acts as this to allow the liver fluke to mature
Fasciola Hepatica Greek name for liver flluke
Platyhelminthes Phylum in which liver fluke belongs to, a group of flat worms
endoparasite a paraistic organism that lives in the internal organs of an animal
Hermaphrodites Organisms that contain both male and female reproductive organs
Bile duct site where adult liver fluke lays its eggs
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