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Jasmine HernandezA1

Jasmine Hernandez A1 PE muscles and exercises

Muscle Exercise
Pectoralis (across chest) Push-ups, bench press, dumbbell bench press , chest flies
Deltoid (shoulder) Shoulder press, frontal raises, lateral raises, military press, push press
Bicep (front part of arm) Dumbbell curl, barbell curl, ez bar curl, isolation curl
Trapezius (upper back) reverse shoulder shrug, jump shrug, power cleans
Tricep (back of upper arm) overhead dumbbells, tricep extension, narrow or close grip bench press, diamond push-ups, cable tricep extension, tricep push- downs, skull crushers
Latissimus Dorsi (middle of back) Lat-pull down, pull-ups, chin-ups, bent over row
Rectus Abdominus (covers stomach) sit-ups, plank, leg lifts, crunches
Gluteus Maximus back squats, dead lift, leg press, mule kicks
Quadricep (the front of your thigh) front squats, lunges, reverse hack squats, leg extensions
Hamstrings (the back of your thigh) RDL's, leg curls, Russian curls, glute and ham machine
Gastrocnemius (the back portion of the lower leg) calf presses, heel raises, side-side, jump rope
Pectoralis action moves upper arm forward
Bicep action bending your arm at the elbow or elbow flexion
Rectus Abdominus action bends your body forward or spinal flexion
Deltoids action raises your arm up above your head
Ticeps action straightens out your arm or elbow extension
Latissimus dorsi action pulls your arms back towards your body
Gluteus Maximus action (when it contracts) it moves you leg back or hip extension
Trapezius action lifts up your shoulders
Quadricep action straights out leg in front or knee extension
Hamstrings action bends leg at knee or knee flexion
Gastrocnemius action moves you ankle or plantar flexion
Tendons connects muscle to bone
Ligaments connects bone to bone
What muscle is being worked when doing frontal raises? Trapezius
Created by: hernanadezj