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Quantitative and Qualitative

A- AN- no, not, without
Acholia lack or absence of bile secretion
Analqesic relieving pain
ANA- up, apart
Anabasis stage of increase in a disease
ANTI- against
Antibody immune body that fights foreign substances
AUTO- self
autonomic not subject to voluntary control
BI- two
bilateral pertaining to both sides
BRADY- deficient, under
Bradycardia abnormally slow heartbeat
CHLORO- green
Chloroma malignant, green-colored tumor
CHROMO- color
Chromhidrosis secretion of color and sweat
CON- COM- CO- with, together
Cohort a group with a characteristic acquired at the same time
Communicability ability to spread from infected to susceptible host
Contagious Capable of being transmitted from host to host
CYANO- blue
Cyanosis bluish skin and mucosal discoloration
DE- down, lack of
Dehydration lack of water
DECI- one-tenth
Deciliter one-tenth of a liter
DI- two
Diataxia affecting both sides of the body
DIA- through, between, apart, across, completely
Diarrhea rapid movement of fecal matter through the intestine
DYS- bad, painful
Dysphagia difficulty in swallowing
Erythirocyte red blood cell
HEMI- half
Hemihypotonia diminished muscle tone on one side of the body
HEXA- six
Hexavitamin preparation of six vitamins
HYPER- excessive, above
Hypertension persistently high blood pressure
HYPO- below, deficient
Hypoglycemia abnormally low level of sugar in the blood
Leuko- white
Leukoencephalitis inflammation of white brain substance
MARCO- large
Marcoglossia excessive size of the tongue
MAL- bad
Malignant tending to worsen and cause death
MELANO- black
Melanotrichia abnormal increased pigmentation of the hair
META- change, beyond
Metamorphosis change of structure or shape
MICRO- small
Micromastia abnormal smallness of the mammary gland
MONO- one, single
Monogerminal developed from a single ovum
MULTI- many
Multiarticular pertaining to or affecting many joints
NEO- new
Neonate a newborn animal
PAN- all
Pandemic a widespread epidemic
PENT- five
Pentadactyl having 5 digits
POLY- many, much
Polychromatic many-colored
PSEUDO- false
Pseudopregnancy false pregnancy
QUADR- four
Quadrillocular having four cavities
SUB- less than, beneath
Subclinical without clinical manifestations
SYM- SYN- with, together
Symbiosis mutually reinforcing
TACHY fast
Tachycardia abnormally fast heartbeat
TRI- three
Tribrachius monster with three forelimbs
ULTRA- beyond
Ultrasonic beyond the audible range
XANTH- yellow
Xanthemia presence of yellow coloring matter in the blood
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