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Mass Spectrometry

Food Analysis Final Exam

T or F: Mass spectrometry is suitable for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. True
Mass spectrometry relies on the formation of ____ to give a mass over charge ratio. ions
Define fragmentation. Smash a molecule to pieces in order to determine what the molecule was.
What is the purpose of the ion source in mass spectrometry? Converts neutral organic compounds into ions.
What is the purpose of the ion analyzer in mass spectrometry? Separates ions according to their mass to charge ratio.
What is the purpose of the ion or mass detector in mass spectrometry? Generates a signal when receiving an ion - signals appear as peaks on a spectrum.
Define base peak. The peak with the highest abundance
T or F: The sample need not be thermally volatile and stable for use with electron impact ionization. False
What type of compounds can be used with electrospray ionization? charged, polar, or basic
_____ can be used in combination with electron impact ionization. Gas chromatography
_____ can be used in combination with electrospray ionization. HPLC
T or F: Electron impact ionization is more harsh and electrospray ionization. True
What type of compounds can be used with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization? uncharged, non-basic, or low-polarity
Describe selected ion monitoring. Votlage corresponds to m/z ratio and a mass scan is completed - allowing a particular ion to flow through the quadrupole ion filter depending on voltage used.
Name three advantages of the quadrupole method. Good reproducability, small/compact equipment, low-cost, low resolution.
An electromagnetic field of given frequencies can trap ions of certain ____ range. m/z
Describe how the ion trap works. The ion trap is set to a specific m/z range to isolate ion if interest, energy is pulsed through and breaks it up, then the subsequent ions are measured.
If you wanted to structurally identify a compound, a ____ ion trap would be the first choice. quadrupole
If you wanted to quantitatively analyze a compound, a ____ or ____ ion trap would be the first choice. linear, triple quadrupole
_____ is a useful machine for proteomics. Q-TOF
_____ is a useful machine in metabolomics. C-TOF
What happens during fragmentation of alkanes? Fragmentation occurs in the middle of the unbranched chains rather than at the ends.
Describe three mass spectrometry applications. Detect/identify steroids in athletes, monitor breath of patients during surgery, determine whether a food item is adulterated, detect toxins in fish.
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