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Restraint & Handling

What are the core objectives of animal restraint? Ensure the safety of the veterinary staff, patient and clients during the procedure.
When handling patients that are new to you, how best should you talk to them? Use familiar commands in a calm voice
When restraining patients you should? Be patient and act confident
Why is it important to clearly identify potentially aggressive patients in the veterinary environment? So that staff are aware of the Hazard the animal presents and can be appropriately prepared to handle it
If bitten by a patient, what is the first step you should take? Wash and scrub the wound with an antiseptic
When should chemical restraint be considered? If the patient is too aggressive or stressed for manual restraint to be safely conducted
What are some steps that can be taken to reduce patient stress before handling? - Crouch/position yourself at their level - avoid eye contact - use a calm voice and encourage the patient to move towards you
Before attempting to restrain a patient, what should you do? Use a calm, soothing, quiet voice to relax them
"Waffles", a pug with a chronic eye condition is booked in to have his eyes checked. He has care notes on his file and is known to bite. Which restraint aid would you select for waffles and why? Towel to roll and wrap around his neck to control his head movement
Leather gloves are used when? As a last resort as they can frighten patients
Basket muzzles are more appropriate for? Brachycephalic (short nose) breeds
In what position should you restrain a dog for jugular venepuncture? In a sitting position
What is the most common restraint equipment used in Veterinary practice? Slip leash
What is a control pole used for? To restrain very aggressive dogs
Should sedated animals have some kind of restraint on them during transport? Yes (a slip leash at the least)
Why must you be careful with struggling animals and slip leashes? The patient could cause the leash to tighten and have a strangling effect
Generally, when restraining patients for examination the restrainer should be? On the opposite side of the patient to the examiner
When using a towel to restrain a patient what should you check for? Holes or thinned areas that may tear
How would you introduce yourself to a first time dog patient? Offer the back of your hand to sniff
How are two leashes used to remove the leash on an nervous cage guarding dog? One leash is around her neck and the other clipped to the ring of the first leash. The second leash is pulled, loosening the loop of the first leash allowing the loop to be slipped off her head.
What equipment would you use to remove a scared defensive cat from its cage? A thick towel will allow you to quickly control Frodo with minimum restraint and stress
How would you use a towel to remove a scared defensive cat from its cage? The towel would be folded in half then quickly thrown over Frodo. I would then restrain his head under the towel and scoop him up so he is enclosed in the towel
How would you weigh a cat restrained in a towel? Weigh it wrapped in the towel, then weigh the towel afterwards and subtract from the total weight.
What type of muzzle is used on Brachycephalic breeds? A basket muzzle will be best this will allow it to breathe appropriately
Out of the following items which would you use to restrain a fractious cat for an eye exam: Leather gloves, cat box, thick towel or a cat muzzle? A thick towel
How would you wrap a cat in a towel for restraint? Wrap like a burrito. Place cat in middle of towel, fold the end over the hindquarter, fold the sides in, ensuring a snug fit around the neck and that the feet are contained.
Rank these restraint devices in order from least restraint to most restraint: Cat box, towel, cat bag and leather gloves 1. Towel 2. Cat bag 3. Leather gloves 4. Cat box
Pickles is a shy cat that needs to have a jugular blood sample. He easily startled by movement, and generally is easy to handle. What restraint aid would you use for him? Cat Muzzle
Where should the you be standing to place a muzzle on a dog? Behind or next to the dog
How would you tie a tape muzzle on a dog? I would stand behind or next to the dog, tie over the muzzle first, then under the muzzle and behind the ears
Define a 'stressor' in relation to veterinary patients Any stimulation that adds to a patients stress level
What are the possible complications of manual restraint to the handler and the patient? Kicks, bites and scratches, Dyspnoea, proptosis, bruising
If you are in a situation where you cannot safely restrain an animal you should? Seek assistance from other veterinary staff
Which situations would you be most likely to use lateral recumbancy (patient laying on their side)? For ultrasounds, cystocentesis or distal limb bandaging
What is lateral recumbancy? Laying the patient on its side
What is the most important tool we can bring to animal restraint? Patience! Animals will pick up your mood and emotional state
Who can perform chemical sedation? Sedation needs to be prescribed by a Registered Veterinarian. A nurse under the direct instruction of a registered Veterinarian may administer sedation
What are the most common feline restraint devices used in the Veterinary setting? Cat muzzle, cat bag, nets and towels
When using a muzzle you should? Place it onto the patient while standing behind or to the side of them, Have a snug fit to prevent it from being removed by the patient, Ensure the patient can breathe without compromise
Match the type of animal to the correct restraint equipment: Animals - aggressive dog, frightened defensive cat, wildlife, Brachycephalic breed Equipment - Thick towel, leather gloves, cage muzzle and nylon muzzle Thick towel – Frightened, defensive cat Leather gloves – Wildlife Cage muzzle – Brachycephalic breed Nylon muzzle – Aggressive dog
Wally is a 3-month-old Italian greyhound owned by an elderly client who is a new pet to your clinic. He is a bit nervous and won't walk on the clinic floor. You need to get a weight for him. How do you get him to the scales? The best thing to do is talk to them in a calm and encouraging manor and pick them up and gently place them on the scales. By doing this process in this manor it will minimise it becoming a traumatic event for them, thus causing drama in the future
Created by: Taylor J