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Clinical Pathology I

Flies, Lice, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Mites, and Ticks

Where does Knemidokoptes mites usually prefer to burrow on birds? nonfeathered portions such as feet, legs, and face
How is Knemidokoptes mites diagnosed? skin scrape
The Scaly leg mite is the common name for what mite? Knemidokoptes
What is the name of the most common dog louse seen in the US and can act as an IH for the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum? Trichodectes canis
Is trichodectes canis an Mallophaga or Anoplura type of lice? Mallophaga
Where is trichodectes canis found on the dog? eggs are glued to hairs
What is the main damage that Hypoderma bovis does to cattle? migrating larvae make necrotic tracks in muscle tissue and the hide of the cow is damaged for leather production
What is the common name for Haematobia irritans? horn fly
What is it about the horn fly, Haematobia irritans, that you would be able to identify it on the cow? They cluster on the dorsum, back, of cattle and their heads will always be pointing toward the ground.
What is the difference in Mallophaga lice and Anoplura lice? Mallophaga are chewing lice and Anoplura are sucking lice.`
The egg stage of lice are called what? nit
Define fomites? inanimate objects
Define pediculosis. infestation by lice
Anoplura lice suck what from the host? blood
The fly that is commonly called the "Black fly" is scientifically named what? Simulium
The nocturnal, tiny sand fly transmits what protozoan zoonotic parasite? Leishmania
What are the scientific names of the sand fly? Lutzomyia and Phlebotomus
If you are at the beach and something constantly keeps biting you it is probably what? No-See-Ums
What species are No-See-Ums in? Culicoides
No-See-Ums serve as IH for what nematode seen in the skin of horses? Onchocerca cervicalis
The mosquito that we come in contact with is most likely from what species? Culex
The Culex species feed on what? blood
Where do Culex species females lay their eggs? perpendicular to the surface of water
The Culex species is the IH for what nematode found in dogs? Dirofilaria immitis
What is the common name for Chrysops species of fly? deerfly
What is the common name for Tabanus species of fly? horsefly
Which species is larger, Chrysops or Tabanus? Tabanus
Deerflies and Horseflies may act as mechanical transmitters of what virus that can affect horses? EIA-equine infectious anemia
If the ears of a german shepherd are raw, bleeding and pruritic which fly could be responsible for this? Stomoxys calcitrans
What is the common name for Stomoxys calcitrans? Stable fly, biting house fly
Stable flies can be a vector for what disease that affects horses? EIA-equine infectious anemia
Why is Haematobia irritans flies commonly called Horn flies? That is where they like to cluster.
Why does the horn fly also like to cluster around the cows shoulders, back and sides? The tail usually can't swish them off in these areas so they can continue to feed.
Which fly causes the greatest loss in cattle by sucking their blood and causing milk reduction and weight reduction? Haematobia irritans (Horn Fly)
Where does Melophagus ovinus deposit their larva? in the sheeps wool or goats fleece
What economical problems can Melophagus ovinus cause? damage to wool or fleece, anemia
The scientific name of the House fly is what? Musca domestica
Why are Musca domestica flies so bad? They are designed to spread germs!
How does the House fly digest its food? By being a "vomit drop feeder" which means they vomit their stomach contents onto their next meal to digest it.
What is the name of the Face fly? Musca autumnalis
Musca autumnalis usually only bother what species? cattle
What does Musca autumnalis feed on? saliva, tears, and mucus. they will lap up blood from the bite of another fly bite on a cow
Musca domestica and what other fly are both known for vomit drop feeding and being a fly that is designed to spread germs? Sarcophaga or Flesh Fly
Define myiasis. tissue invaded by maggots
If a cat lives outside and has an abscess that has ruptured, it is summer time, what is the common called condition that could happen? fly strike-maggots
Does an open wound always have to be present for a fly strike to occur? No. It can happen in animals that have feces and urine stuck in their hair.
This fly has been eradicated from the US but we are always on the lookout for it to re-emerge. How could this happen? Animals that travel out of the country and come back.
The eradicated fly is commonly called the Screwworm fly. What is the scientific name? Cochliomyia hominivorax
What does Cochliomyia hominivorax feed on? FRESH skin wounds such as incision sites, umbilical cords of newborns, lacerations.
If a cat or squirrrel comes in and has a swollen, cystlike SQ hole in it, what could it be? Cuterebra
What is one of the purposes of the hole of the Cuterebra? for it to be able to breathe
What are the hosts for Oestrus ovis? sheep and goats
Where does Oestrus ovis lay their larvae? nares (nose)
What is the most common flea found on dogs and cats? Ctenocephalides felis
What do fleas eat? blood from the host
What are the four stages of the flea life cycle in order? adult, egg, larval, and pupal
How long does it take for flea eggs to hatch? 2 weeks
When the eggs hatch what do the larvae eat? dead skin, dead hair, flea feces
How long can the pupal stage of the flea last? months
What makes the pupal stage emerge from the coccoon? air pressure, vibrations, warmth due to a warm blooded host
What is flea dirt? excreted digested blood/feces from the flea
Where are Sarcoptidae mites found on an animal? within the epidermis
Where are Psoroptidae mites found on an animal? on the surface of the skin or within the external ear canal
Define acariasis. infestation of domestic animals by either mites or ticks
How does a dog or person become infested with sarcoptes scabei? direct contact with an animal that is infected
What are the usual areas that become scaly, crusty, and raw when an animal is infected with Sarcoptes scabei? ears, lateral elbows, ventral abdomen
How is Sarcoptes scabei diagnosed? skin scraping
When I say "dried cornflakes cereal" what parasite comes to mind? Psoroptes cuniculi
Where is Psoroptes cuniculi usually found on a rabbit? ears
What is the scientific name of the ear mite in dogs and cats? Otodectes cynotis
How can Otodectes cynotis be diagnosed? by using an otoscope and looking in external ear canal for the mites or take a sample of exudate from ear canal and break it up in a small amount of mineral oil and look for the adults or eggs on 10x
Is Otodectes cynotis contagious? yes from animal to animal but not to humans
What is the scientific name for Red Mange? Demodectic mange mites
Where do demodex mites live? hair follicles and sebaceous glands
How is demodex diagnosed? skin scrape
What two forms of demodex are seen in veterinary medicine? localized and generalized
What does localized demodex look like? patchy alopecia-just a few hairless areas
What does generalized demodex look like? diffuse alopecia, erythema, and secondary bacterial contamination over the entire body.
How do dogs become infested with demodex? because of poor immune system these dogs cannot fight off the infestation
If a dog comes in and is itching really badly and you perform a physical exam. You notice on the skin an orangy-red area of crustiness. What could the parasite be that is causing the dermatosis? Trombicula
What is the common name for Trombicula? chiggers or red bugs
On the anterior end of this fur mite there are enormous hooklike mouthparts. What is this parasite? Cheyletiella parasitivorax
What is the common name for cheyletiella parasitivorax? walking dandruff
How can walking dandruff be diagnosed? by observing with a magnifying lens the mites moving around on the dorsal midline and head of host
What two families of ticks are of importance in veterinary medicine? argasid and ixodid
What is a seed tick? six-legged larvae
What part of the tick causes tick paralyzes? salivary secretions of some female ticks
Infestation of mites or ticks is called what? acariasis
Is Otobius megnini a soft tick or hard tick? soft (argasid)
Where is Otobius megnini usually found on the host? external ear canal
What is the common name for Otobius megnini? Spinose ear tick
Argas persicus is found in what species? avians
What is the common name for Argas persicus? Fowl tick
When do Argas persicus feed on birds? nighttime
where do Argas persicus stay during the day? In cracks and crevices of bird roost building
Which tick is the vector for spreading Lyme disease to humans? Ixodes scapularis
What disease does the Rhipicephalus sanguineus tick transmit to dogs? babesia canis
What is the common name for Rhipicephalus sanguineus? brown dog tick
The Dermacentor variablilis and Dermacenter andersoni can serve as a vector for what disease? Rocky Mountain spotted fever
What physical feature makes Amblyomma Americanum distinguishable from other ticks? white spot on the apex of scutum
What is the common name for Amblyomma Americanum? lone star tick
What is the scientific name of the Gulf Coast tick? Amblyomma maculatum
What does pentastome mean? five mouths
Since Linguatula serrata live in the nasal passages and sinuses of dogs what signs of infection can be seen with this pentastome? sneezing, difficulty breathing, restlessness, can't smell well, rhinitis, nose bleeding, nasal discharge
How does a dog become infected with Linguatula serrata? By eating an IH-cat, rat, porcupine, guinea pig, rabbit, hedgehogs, pig or ruminant
How is Linguatula serrata diagnosed? fecal flotation or nasal swabs
What is the common name for Gaterophilus? bot flies
What activates the nits on the legs of horses to hatch? horse licks itself so their tongue and saliva stimulate the larvae to hatch
Adult female Gasterophilus flies lay eggs on what areas of the horse? fetlocks of forelegs, chin, shoulders
Gasterophilus migrate from the oral cavity to where? cardiac portion of stomach
How long does Gasterophilus stay attached to the stomach? 10-12 months
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