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chapter 2 review

Veterinary Assistant and Medical Terminology

diagnosis process of identifying a medical condition or disease by its signs and symptoms , and from results of various tests and procedures
anatomy branch of biology concerned with structure of living things, including bones, muscles and internal organs
physiology the study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of animals
animal nutrition science concerned with the dietary needs of pets and farm and zoo animals
anesthesia delivery of medicine to prevent patients from feeling pain during surgery or other medical or dental procedures.
The business skills that animal caretaker specialists typically must have include____________________________ Computer literacy, interpersonal communication, and business administration
Which of the following is an example of animal restraint through physical means? a leash
Lori an animal caretaker specialist working at a veterinary practice is asked to provide the name and telephone number of a client? what should she do? Decline the request, explaining that the clinic protects the confidentiality of client and patient information
Marketing in a veterinary practice involves educating the products and services it officers. TRUE or FALSE? TRUE
Fred is a veterinary assistant working at a clinic that sells a wide range of pet food for dogs and cats. A client asks Fred to recommend food for Edgar a 12 year old cat who suffers from arthritis. How should Fred respond to the client? recommend the two cat foods the clinic that sells that are specially formulated for cats Edgar's age.
Which of the following hazards could transmit disease or infection in a veterinary practice? All the above.
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