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Unit 5: Agriculture

Rowe´s 5th period

What is growing a crop and rasing livestock for human use called? agriculture
When people began deliberately raising plants and animals agricultural revolution
What hearth grows maize, peppers, squash, cassava, and potato? Latin America
Where are yams, coffee, sorghum, and cow-pea grown? Sub-Saharan Africa
What hearth grows barley, oats, and emmer wheat? Southwest Asia
Where are rice and soybeans grown? East Asia
Mango, taro, and coconut are from which hearth? Southeast Asia
What is the main difference between subsistence and commercial agriculture? Subsistence is production of food primarily for consumption by the farmers family, while commercial is grown to sale for money.
What is the key change associated with the second agricultural revolution and when did it occur? new machinery like tractors made it easier to farm efficiently ; 1800´s
How does climate connect with the geographic distribution of agricultural practices? it presents a range of choices b/c certain crops are better suited for certain climate
How does wealth connect with the geographic distribution of agricultural practices? it expands choices through machinery, irrigation, etc....
How does culture connect with the geographic distribution of agricultural practices? food taboos and preferences based on custom, religion, etc.
What is Pastoral nomad-ism? Where is it practiced and why? It is a form of subsistence ag. that is based on the herding of domesticated animals.... practiced in dry regions where too dry to plant crops...EX: Masai in Africa
What is mountain nomadism in which animals are moved from lowland pastures to highland pastures in the summer? transhumance
What is Shifting cultivation? form of subsistence agriculture in which people shift activity from one field to another (slash and burn, fallow fields) practiced mainly in tropical regions with abundant rainfall
What is cleared land called? swidden
Created by: maceyharbin