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Vet Term Ch.1,4,5

chemotherapy treatment with chemical substance or drugs.
therapy treatment.
endoscopy procedure of visually examining inside the body.
scopy procedure to visually examine.
endoscope instrument to used to visually examine inside the body.
scope instrument to visually examine.
urinalysis separation of the urine into it's constituents.
lysis separation or breakdown.
electrocardiogram procedure used to record the electrical activity of the heart.
graphy procedure that records.
electrocardiograph the machine that records the electrical activity of the heart.
graph instrument that records.
electrocardiogram electrocardiograph hard copy record.
gram record of.
cystocentesis surgical puncture of the urinary bladder with a needle to remove fluid(urine).
Centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid or gas.
laparotomy incision into abdomen.
colostomy surgically created opening between colon and body surface.
gastropexy surgically stabilizing the stomach to abdomen wall.
pexy suture to stabilize.
mastectomy surgical removal of the breast.
renal pertaining to kidney.
ovarian pertaining to ovary.
lumbar pertaining too the loin, lower back.
alimentary pertaining to gastrointestinal tract
laryngeal pertaining to larynx.
enteric pertaining to small intestine.
uterine pertaining to uterus.
cutaneous pertaining to slun.
nephrotic pertaining to kidneys.
cardiac pertaining to heart.
enterorraphy suturing of the small intestine
rrhea flow, discharge
diarrhea complete dischange of the bowels
rrhexis rupture
myorrhexis rupture of the muscle
algia/ dynia pain
artriralgia/ artrirodynia joint pain
ia state of condition
hyperglycemia condition of elevated amounts of glucose
rraphy to suture
hemorrhage bursting forth blood from the vessels
rrhagia/ rrhage bursting forth
myello represents the spinal chord & blood marrow
ion action, process, state or condition
infraction condition of blood flow obstruction
itis inflammation
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
ive performs or tend towards
congestive tenos toward accumulation of fluid
malacia abnormal softening
osteomalacia abnormal softening of bone
megaly enlargement
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
osis abnormal condition
cardiosis abnormal condition of the heart
pathy disease
enteropathy a disease of the small intestine
sclerosis abnormal hardening
arteriosclerosis abnormal hardening of the arteries
um structure
pericardum the structure the heart
us thing
tarsus the joint("thing") between the tibia & fibula & metatasual bones
cyanosis condition of blue discoloration
cyanotic pertaining to blue discoloration
anemia blood condition of deficient red blood cells and/or hemoglobin
anemic pertaining to a blood condition of deficient red blood cells and/or hemoglobin
mucus slime-like substance that is composed of glanular secretion, salts, cells, & leukocytes (white bloodcells)
mucous pertaing to mucus
illium structure of the hip
iliac pertaining to the structure of the hip
ectomy surgical removal or excision
gastrectomy surgical removal of stomach
stomy surgically created opening
gastrostomy surgically created opening between stomach and body surface
tomy cutting into or incision
gastrotomy incision into the stomach
penia deficiency or reduction in number
leuk/o combing form meaning white
pan prefix meaning all
suprascapular above the shoulder blade
supernumerary regular number
sublingual under the tongue
super/supra above, beyond, or excessive
-oma suffix for mass
hematoma mass collection of blood
sub below, under or less
post after
pre before
postanesthetic pertaining to after anethesia
uretha takes the urine from the urinary bladder to the outside body
ureters collects urine from the kidney and transports it to the urinary bladder
ileum distal part of small intestine
condular pertaining to a rounded projection on a bone
condyle rounded projection of the bone
forelock in maned animals the most cranial part of the mane hanging between the ears and onto the forehead
fetlock joint metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joint in ungulates
fetlock area of limb between the pastern and the cannon
elbow forelimb
dock solid part of the equine tail
cutters second incisors of equine
croup muscular area around and above the tail base
crest root of the mane
coronary band/coronet junction between skin and the horn of the hoof
coffin joint distal interphalangeal joint in ungulates
chestnuts horny irregular growths on the medial surface of the equine leg; front legs, above the knee; in rear legs, near the hock
muzzle two nostrils and the muscles of the upper and lower lip
cannon bone/shin bone third metacarpal (metatarsal) of the horse
cheek fleshy portion of either side of the face; forms the sides of the mouth and continues rostrally to the lips
chest part of the body between neck and abdomen; the thorax
barrel capacity of the chest and trunk
bars raised v-shaped structure on distal surface of hoof
flank side of the body between ribs and ilium
heart girth circumference of the chest just caudal to the shoulders and cranial to the back
heel caudal region of the hoof that has an area of the soft tissue called the bulb
hock/tarsus tarsal joint
hoof hard covering of the digits in ungulates
hoof wall hard, horny outer layer of the covering of the digits in ungulates
knee carpus in ungulates
loin lumbar region of the back between the thorax and pelvis
nippers central incisors of equine
paralumbar fossa hollow area of the flank whose boundaries are traverse process of the lumbar vertebrae (dorsally), the last rib (cranially), and the thick muscle
carpus joint (thing) between radius and ulna and metacarpal bones
ergot small kertanized mass of horn in a small bunch of hair on the palmer and plantar aspects of the equine flock
gastroenteritis proper term for inflammation of the stomach and small intestines
ovarionhysterectomy surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus
frog v-shaped pad of soft horn between the bars on the sole of the equine hoof
gaskin/crus muscular portion of the hindlimb between the stifle and hook
pastern area of the limb between the fetlock and hoof
pastern joint proximal interphalangeal (joint between long and short pastern bones) in ungulates
poll/occiput/ nutchal crest top of the head
quarter lateral or medial side of hoof
shoulder region around large joint between humerus and scapula
sole palmar or plantar of the hoof; irregular crescent shaped bottom of hood
stifle joint femorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds
tail caudal part of the vertebral column extending beyond trunk
tail head base of the tail where it connects to the body
teat nipple of mammary gland
toe cranial side of hoof
udder mammary gland
white line fusion between the wall and sole of the hoof
withers region over the dorsum where the neck joins the thorax and where the dorsal margins of the scapula lie just below the skin
brisket mass of connective tissue
crest dorsal margin of neck in cattle
dewclaw accessory claw of ruminant foot that projects caudally from the fetlock
dewlap loose skin under the throat and neck, which may become pendulous in some breeds in some breeds
forearm part of foreleg supported by the radius and ulna, between the elbow and knee
forehead region of the head between the eyes and ears
pedal pertaining to the foot
pins protrusions of the ischium bones just lateral to the base of the tail in ruminants
switch tuft of hair at the end of the tail
chine thoracic region of the back
horn butt poll region between the eyes and ears of previous horn growth
rump sacral to tailhead region of the back
wattle appendages suspended from the head (usually under chin)
ham musculature of the upper thigh
snout upper lip and apex of the nose of swine
intact sexually functions
altered sexually nonfunctional
canine dog
dog/stud intact male dog
bitch intact female dog
whelp/pup young dogs
whelping giving birth to whelps
pack group of dogs
litter multiple offspring born during same labor
feline cat
tom intact male cat
queen intact female cat
kitten young cat
queening giving birth to kittens
lagomorphe rabbit
buck intact male rabbit
doe intact female rabbit
lapin neutered male rabbit
kit young (blind, deaf) rabbit
kindling giving births to rabbits
herd group of rabbits
hob intact male ferret
jill intact female ferret
gib neutered male ferret
sprite spayed female rabbit
kit young ferret
kindling giving birth to ferrets
cavy guinea pig
boar intact male guinea pig
sow intact female guinea pig
pup young guinea pig
murine mouse of rat
sire intact male mouse or rat
dam intact female mouse or rat
pup young mouse or rat
gang group of mice
psittacine parrot includes other birds with bills for cracking seeds
cock intact male parrot
hen intact female parrot
chick young parrot
flock/group group of parrots
rooster/cock sexually mature male chicken
hen intact female chicken
capon young castrated male chicken or domestic fowl
cockerel immature male chickens
pullet immature female chickens
chick very young chickens
flock group of chickens
gander intact male goose
goose intact female goose
gosling young goose
gaggle group of geese
drake intact male duck
duck intact female duck
duckling young duck
flock group of ducks
ratite large flightless bird
rooster intact male ratite
hen intact female ratite
hatchling ostrich up to 2 days old
chick young ratite (usually less then 6 months of age)
yearling ostrich from 6 months to 12 months of age; rhea from 6 months to 18 months of age
flock group of ratite
boar intact male pig
sow intact female pig
barrow male pig castrated when young
stag male pig castrated after maturity
gilt young female pig that has not farrowed
pig/piglet young pig; old term is shoat
farrowing giving birth to pigs
herd group of pigs
equine horse, pony, donkey or mule
stallion intact male equine greater then 4 years old
colt intact male equine less the 4 years old
mare intact female equine greater then 4 years old
filly intact female equine less then 4 years old
gelding castrated male equine
ridleling/rig cryptorchid to equine (one or more testicles have not descended from the abdomen)
foal young equine of either sex
weanling young equine less then 1 year old that has been removed (weaned) from its mother
suckling still-nursing foal
yearling young equine between 1 and 2 years old; a short yearling is closer to 1 year old while a long yearling is closer to 2 years old
foaling giving birth to equine
herd group of equine
band group of horses consisting of one mature stallion, his breeding mares, and immature male and female offspring of his mares
brood mare breeding female equine
maiden mare female equine never bred
barren mare/ open mare intact female horse that was not bred or did not conceive the previous season
wet mare intact female horse that has foaled during the current breeding season
agalactic mare intact female horse not producing milk
pony equine between 8.2 and 14.2 hands when mature (not young horse)
donkey ass;burro
jack(ass) intact male donkey
jenny intact female donkey
ovine sheep
ram intact male sheep
ewe intact female sheep
wether castrated male sheep
lamb young sheep
hothouse lamb young sheep less the 3 months of age
spring lamb young sheep 3-7 months of age
yearling sheep 1-2 years of age
lambing giving birth to sheep
flock group of sheep
caprine goat
buck intact male goat
doe intact female goat
wether castrated male goat
kid young goat
kidding giving birth to goats
freshening/freshen giving birth to dairy animals
herd group of goats
camelid llama, alpaca, guanco, vicuna
bull/stallion intact male llama
cow intact female llama
gelding castrated male llama
cria young llama
bovine cattle
bull intact male bovine
jumper bull intact male bovine that has just reached maturity and is used for breeding
cow intact female bovine that has given birth
steer male bovine castrated when young
stag male bovine castrated after maturity
heifer young female bovine that has not given birth
calf young bovine
calving giving birth to cattle
herd group of cattle
spring heifer young female pregnant with her first calf - first calf heifer
freemartin sexually imperfect; usually sterile female calf born as a twin with a male calf
gomer bull/teaser bull bull used to detect female bovines in heat; bull may have penis surgically deviated to the side; may be treated with androgens or may be vasectomized so not to impregnate female
cervidae deer, elk, moose, caribou
buck intact male deer
bull intact male elk, moose, caribou
doe intact female deer
cow intact female elk, moose, caribou
fawn young deer
heifer young female elk, deer caribou
herd ground of moose, elk, deer, caribou (cervidae)
preanesthetic pertaining to before anesthesia
oliguria scant amount or frequency of urination
polyuria excessive amount of frequency of urination
oligo scant or little
poly many or excessive
intramuscular within the muscle
intercoastal between the ribs
intra within
inter between
enter/o small intestine
gastr/o stomach
post operative after on operation
perioperative pertaining to the period around an operation or the period before, during and after an operation
preoperative before or proceeding an operation
hypoglycemia depressed amounts of glucose
hypo - depressed, normal or less then normal
hyperglycemia elevated amounts of blood glucose
hyper - elevated, higher or more then normal
ectoparasite organism that lives on the outer surface of a host
ecto means outside
endoparasite organism that lives on the body of a host
exocrine to secrete externally (via a duct)
exo or ex without, out of, outside or away from
endocrine secrete internally
endo - within or inside
euthyroid having a normally functioning thyroid gland
eu - good, easy or normal
dysphagia difficulty eating or swallowing
dys - difficult, painful or bad
antiemetic work against or prevent vomitting
anti against
emetic proceeding to voimit
adduction move toward midline
ad- towards
abduction take away from midline
ab - away from
an - without or no
uria urination
atraumatic without injury
a - without or no
traumatic pertaining to injury
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
arthroscope an instrument used visually examine the joint
suffix word part found at the end of the word; usually indicates procedure, condition, disease or disorder
combining form combination of the root and combining vowel
combining vowel single vowel usually an "o" that is added to the end of root to make word easier to pronounce
root word part that gives the essential meaning of the word; a root cannot stand alone; a suffix must be added to complete the term
carpal pertaining to the joint between the radius and ulna metacarpal bones
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