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Medical terms

medical term examples

anaerobic without oxygen
abdominocentesis collection of fluid from the abdomen
adenocarcinoma cancer of a glandular tissue
adipose tissue fat tissue
antemortam before death
antibiotic against microbe
arthodysplasia defect of joint developement
brachiation movement by arm swinging
brachycephalic shortened head
bradycardia slow heart rate
buccal mucosa inside the cheek
carcinogenic causing cancer
cholestasis blockage of bile excretion
cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder
polychromasia many colors
contraindicated against indications
cyanosis bluish discoloration
dentition arrangement of teeth in the mouth
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dysuria difficult urination
hematemesis vomiting blood
hematuria blood in the urine
hepatits inflammation of the liver
splenomegaly enlarged spleen
myositis inflammation of muscle
myeloblast stem cell found in bone marrow
necrotic dead tissue
nephrology study of the kidneys
neurology study of the nervous system
ophthalmology study of the eye
orthodontic straightening of the teeth
pathology study of disease
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
piloerection hair standing erect
pneumothorax air in the thoracic cavity
pododermatitis inflammation of the foot pad
pyelonephritis kidney infection
pyrexia fever
renal failure kidney failure
stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
tachycardia rapid heart rate
thoracic vertebrea bones of the spinal column in the region of the thorax
thyroidectomy removal of the thyroid gland
polyuria excessive excretion of urine
vasodilation dilation of the blood vessels
cardiac pertaining to the heart
analgesia without pain
lipase enzyme that breaks down fats
thoracocentesis puncture of the thorax for fluid removal
erythrocyte red blood cell
polydipsia excess drinking
onchyectomy surgical removal of a claw
anesthesia without sensation
electrocardiograph recording data on heart function
arthritis inflammation of a joint
hemolytic destruction of blood cells
myopathy disease of muscle
leukopenia low white blood cell count
hemorrhage excessive bleeding
diarrhea water bowel movements
hemostasis stop blood flow
epistaxis nose bleed
hypertrophy excess growth
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