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Lesson 6 Quiz

Veterinary Terminology Exam

Polyuria Is the opposite of Anuria
Polydipsia means much drinking
An intact male ferret is called a hob
Myositis means inflammation of the muscles
Which joint of the hindlimb would be equivalent to the human ankle? Hock
Osteoarthropathy means disease of the bone and joint
Dead tissue is said to be necrotic
Which term describes a nosebleed? Epistaxis
The term that describes a direction towards the tail end of an animal is caudal
A young female cow before her first calf is referred to as a heifer
Anuric means pertaining to absence of urine
Cystocentesis means surgical puncture of the bladder
The paw is _________ to the shoulder. distal
Which term describes a female cat? Queen
The lateral side of the abdomen between the last rib and the hindlimb is referred to as the Flank
Which term describes blood in the urine? Hematuria
The term that refers to "toward the midline" is Medial
Dysuria means painful or difficult urination
Which term means "without sensation"? Anesthesia
A baby lizard is called a Hatchling
Which term describes a female dog? Bitch
Polyuria means much urine
The correct term to describe fever is pyrexia
Which term illustrates the correct spelling for the term that describes watery bowel movements? diarrhea
An abnormal accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity is called hemothorax
enzymes contain the suffix -ase
The term that describes a direction towards the tip of the nose on the head is Rostral
The correct spelling of the word meaning "bluish tinge to the skin and mucous membranes" is Cyanosis
Which suffix refers to surgical removal of a body part? -ectomy
An intact male horse over four years old is referred to as a Stallion
An abnormally rapid respiratory rate is called Tachypnea
Nephromegaly is the ____ of the kidney Enlargement
Created by: HammondHm