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Clinical Pathology I

Nematodes in Swine

What is the red stomach worm of pigs scientific name? Hyostrongylus rubidus
Ascaris suum is found in what part of the intestines? small
What two parasites from the swine nematode list should be identified by the veterinary nurse as trichostrongyle type eggs? Hyostrongylus rubidus and trichostrongylus axei
The stomach worm of swine is also called what? Trichostrongylus axei
Do the trichostrongyle type eggs of swine suck blood? yes
What is the location of the trichostrongyle type eggs of swine in their body? stomach
What dewormers are used for trichostrongyle type eggs of swine? ivmermectin, benzimidazoles
Which of the trichostrongyle type eggs of swine can cross species? Trichostrongylus axei
What is the largest nematode found in swine? Ascaris suum
After a pig ingests the infecive larvae of Ascaris suum they hatch and migrate to what organ? liver
The migratory route of Ascaris suum is to the liver then the _____________________________ system to the _______________ and the bronchials and then swallowed. circulatory, lungs
What two swine nematodes have the earthworm as their IH? Metastrongylus elongatus and Stephanurus dentatus
What is the location of the adults of Metastrongylus elongatus? Bronchi and bronchioles
What is the location of the adults of Stephanurus dentatus? cystic spaces connected to the kidneys, ureters, and perirenal tissue
Metastrongylus elongatus is also called what? swine lungworm
Stephanurus dentatus is also called what? swine kidney worm
Why would housing of pigs on concrete help with Metastrongylus elongatus and Stephanurus dentatus infection? They would not be exposed to earthworms in the ground.
What two ways (tests) can be performed to find Metastrongylus elongatus? fecal flotation with specific gravity greater than 1.25 or fecal sedimentation
What is the route of transmission for Stephanurus dentatus? ingestion of IH earthworm or percutaneous
What kind of a sample is needed to test for Stephanurus dentatus? urine
Which swine nematode can have either a direct or indirect life cycle? Stephanurus dentatus
How can Trichinella spiralis be diagnosed? muscle biopsy
Which swine nematode can serve as both the DH and the IH? Trichinella spiralis
Which swine nematode can infect humans through the consumption of undercooked pork? Trichinella spiralis
What is the location of the adult Trichinella spiralis within the swine body? small intestines
Define asymptomatic. showing no symptoms
The common name for Oesophagostomum dentatum is what? nodular worm of pigs
What is the location of the adult Oesophagostomum dentatum in the pig? large intestine
Why does Oesophagostomum dentatum cause intestinal obstruction? it makes nodules in the large intestinal walls
Is Oesophagostomum dentatum a trichostrongyle type worm? yes
The intestinal threadworm of swine, just like in horses, only has a parasitic female worm. What is this called? parthenogenetic
What are the two routes of transmission for Strongyloides ransomi? transmammary and percutaneous
What is the location of the adult Strongyloides ransomi in the body of the swine? small intestine
What is the whipworm of pigs called? Trichuris suis
Where is the whipworm of pigs found in the body? cecum and colon
Does Trichuris suis have a direct life cycle? yes
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