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Lecture 6

FDSN 507 Midterm 1

Esters of fatty acids, and monoglycerides are examples of ____ lipids. simple
Phospholipids, lipoproteins, and glycolipids are examples of _____ lipids. compound
Free fatty acids, long chain alcohols, hydrocarbons, and fat soluble vitamins are examples of ____ lipids. derived
Name three ways of preparing samples for lipid analysis. Predrying, particle size reduction, acid hydrolysis
What is the purpose of predrying for lipid analysis? Breaks emulsions, helps free fat from tissue
_____ ____ breaks both covalently and ionically bound lipids acid hydrolysis
Give four properties of a good solvent. Low boiling point, non-flammable, inexpensive, low solvent power for proteins/carbohydrates, nonhygroscopic
____ ____ is a good solvent for fat, but is more expensive and hygroscopic than _____ _____. ethyl ether, petroleum ether
Define gravimetric analysis. Measurement of fat content by fat removal from sample.
T or F: The Mojonnier method involves use of a series of solvents. True
T or F: For the Mojonnier method, it is necessary to first remove all moisture from the product. False
Supercritical fluid extraction involves elevated ____ and _____, with _____ decreasing. pressure, temperature, pressure
Accelerated solvent extraction involves elevated ____ and _____. pressure, temperature
The AOAC method for total fat determination is by ______. Hydrolytic Extraction Gas Chromatographic Method
____ acid can be used in gas chromatography to minimize oxidative degradation of fatty acids. Pyrogallic
____ is added as an internal standard in gas chromatography. triglyceride
What three methods can be used to extract fat with ether? Soxhlet, Goldfish, Mojonnier
____ ____ is used to separate and quantify different fatty acid methyl esters. Gas chromatography
The _____ method is a non solvent wet extraction method. babcock or gerber
In the babcock method, _____ acid digests protein, generates heat, and releases fat. sulfuric
What is the difference between the babcock and gerber methods? Amyl alcohol is also used in the babcock method.
qWhat is the purpose of isoamyl alcohol in the gerber method? Prevents the charring of sugar
What type of IR is used for milk fat? Mid
Describe the Foss-Let method. Fat is determined as a function of the specific gravity of a sample solvent extract.
What is the advantage to using NMR to analyze fat? nondestructive
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