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Chapter 1-vocabulary

veterinary assistant career and medical terminology

Animal caretaker specialist/veterinary assistants Veterinary staff members who perform hands on tasks to maintain health and welfare of animals.
Animal services officers Officers employed by shelters to rescue stranded animals
Animal shelters Local shelters for domesticated many of which have been abused mistreated, or abandoned.
American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA) Association dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine.
Dog show handlers Professional handlers who possess expertise in showing dogs at competitions
Equine massage therapist Professionals who treat horse through therapeutic massage.
Equine massage therapy Used to treat horse after a race helps relieve pain in a horse's muscles and tendons.
Equine medicine specialization of veterinary medicine dedicated to horses.
Exotic animals Any species of animal that is not considered to be a common pet or a domesticated livestock species.
Kennels Boarding kennels care for small companion animals such as dogs and cats while their owners are working or out of town.
Large animal medicine veterinary care of farm animals such as cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and poultry.
Park rangers works directly with the public in national and state parks.
Professional Bull Riders(PBR) Association that promotes the sport of professional bull riding in competitions in several states in Cananda and the United States
Professional Handlers Association (PHA) Trade organization that repesents the interests of professional dog handlers.
Professional RodeoCowboys Association (PRCA) Organization whose 9000 members compete in rodeos in Canada and the United States
Small animal medicine Veterinary care of small, domesticated animals such as dogs and cats, and exotic animals kept as household pets.
Veterinarians Licensed professional responsible for the operation of veterinary practices.
Veterinary Medicine application of medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic principles to treat domesticated, farm and wild animals.
Veterinary Technician/technologist Veterinary staff members who have more advanced training than animal caretaker specialist and assume additional responsibilities.
Wildlife Biologist involved in observation and research efforts aimed at solving problems related to wild animals and their habitats.
Wildlife conservation officers Officers who enforce hunting and fishing laws.
Wildlife protection agency Agency funded by federal and state governments to manage wildlife preservation and conservation of natural resources.
Wranglers People employed to handle animals professionally especially horses
Zoo curators Overseers of buildings and habitats that house animals.
Zookeepers People responsible for the direct care of zoo animals, including helping to raise young animals and daily feeding.
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