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Lecture 2

FDSN 507 Midterm 1

What three things do federal laws and regulations dictate for foods? What they must contain, what must be tested, what methods of analysis must be used
US laws and regulations are published in the _____. CFR
Name three federal agencies with food analysis responsibilities. FDA, USDA, FTC, EPA, TTB
____ and ____ agencies are responsible for water quality and safety. EPA, FDA
T or F: Shellfish is regulated by the NOAA-NMFS. False
T or F: The FDA enforces tolerances for pesticide residues. True
Standards of quality are used for _____ products. canned fruit and vegetable
Standards for _____ are set by the USDA to classify products from average to excellent quality. grades
Standards of ____ dictate how full a container must be and is regulated by ____. fill, FDA
Nutrition labeling is regulated by ____ and _____. FDA, FSIS
Name three changes on the nutrition label. Calories are larger, addition of vitamins (Vit D, potassium), added sugars shown
Define reference daily intake (RDI). Recommended essential vitamin and mineral amounts.
Define daily reference value (DRV). Recommended food components (fat, carbs, protein, sodium).
T or F: Protein on a nutrition label as %DV is not required (unless infant). True
How is protein % DV calculated for infants and other foods respectively? Protein efficiency ratio, protein digestibility - corrected amino acid score
Nutrient content claims are defined by ____ ____. nutrient levels
Claims for certain relationships between food and disease risk are _____-authorized health claims. NLEA
Name three NLEA authorized health claims. fiber-cancer, saturated fat-heart disease, calcium-osteoporosis
NAme three differences between meat FSIS labeling and FDA labeling. serving size regulations, nutrient content claims, trans fat voluntary
What reference material is used for FSIS labeling? USDA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook
Name three exemptions to nutrition labeling laws. food sold in restaurants, shell eggs, raw fruits/vegetables, supplements, food in gift packs
T or F: An added nutrient level can be 80% in the food as what is listed on the label. False
T or F: Naturally occurring nutrients can be 80% in the food as what is listed on the label. True
Calories, sugars, fats, and sodium can be less than ____% in the food as what is listed on the label. 120
Created by: goberoi