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Chapter 4-vocabulary

veterinary assistant career and medical terminology

anthrax potentially lethal disease caused by live anthrax spores in soil ingested by grazing animals or found on animals fur wool or hide
antibiotics medicines that inhibit or prevent growth of microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi
bioterroism terrorism by the internal release or dissemination of biological agents bacteria, viruses or toxins
blood transfusion process of transferring blood or blood based products from one person or animal into the circulatory system of another
cholera potentially lethal disease caused by ingesting contaminated water or food
circulatory system organ system that moves nutrients gases and waste to and from cells helps fight diseases and stabilize body temperature
DDT one of the best known synthetic pesticides first used in second world war to kill mosquitoes spreading insect borne disease
food safety scientific discipline that involves the prevention of food borne illness through proper handling of food
germ theory theory proposing that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases.
immunization process by which an individual is exposed to an infecting agent designed to fortify the immune system
microbiology study of organisms including bacteria, fungi, and viruses
pasteurization process of heating liquids to destroy viruses and harmful organisms such as bateria and mold
pesticide sustance used to prevent, control or reduce damage caused by pests such as insects weeds or worms
rabies viral disease of an animal that causes inflammation of the brain
vaccination process of distributing and administering vaccines
vaccine an immunity booster to a certain disease
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