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chapter 3-vocabulary

veterinary assistant career and medical terminology

veterinary dentist veterinarian who specializes in ongoing dental care and oral surgerybof animals
veterinary emergency and critical care branch of veterinary mdicine concerned with the emergency treatment of injured animals and the critical care of animals
veterinary internal medicine veterinarian who specializes in internal medicine
veterinary microbiologist veterinarian who studies microorganisms that cause disease in animals and investigates the effectiveness of medications.
veterinary nutritionist veterinarian who specializes in animal nutrition and plans the diet of animals based on weight, age illness and other factors
veterinary oncologist veterinarian who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in animals
veterinary opthalmaologist veterinarian who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to animals eyes and visual pathways
veterinary pathologist veterinarian who studies how and why diseases occur in animals provides diagnostic support to veterinarians in private practice
veterinary preventative medicine veterinary medicine concerned with research programs,policy making aimed at disease control and prevention in animals
veterinary radiologist veterinarian who uses medical imaging technologies to diagnose and sometimes treat disease
veterinary surgeon veterinarian who specializes in the field of veterinary surgery
veterinary toxicoligist veterinarian who studies the adverse effects of chemicals on animals
Created by: Deborah_Miller