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Chapter 2 vocabulary

veterinary assistant career and medical terminology

physiology branch of biology concerned with the structure of kiving things including bones muscles and internal organs
anesthesia delivery of medicine to prevent animals from feeling pain during surgery or other medical or dental procedures
anesthetic medicine used to prevent pain and distress during medical procedures
animal nutrition science concerned with the dietary needs of pets , and farn and zoo animals
animal restraint practice that reduces patient stress and prevents injuries to both the animal and the veterinary professional during medical exams
apitude an innate learned or developed comptency to do a certain type of work at a certain level
attitude a person's like , dislike or ambialenc toward an object , person .behavior issue or event
diagnosis process of identifying a medical condition or diease by its signs and symptoms and from the results of various tests
empathy ability to feel and understand what another person is feeling
marketing process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service
medical records detailed description of a patients medical issues and progess and resolution
professional ethics principles of governing the behavior of a professional group
veterinary-client-patient relationship basis for interaction between the veterinarian and his or her clients and patients
x-ray form of electromagnetic radiation used in radiology to reveal the internal structure of the body on film
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