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Clinical Pathology I

Nematodes in Dogs and Cats

What is the common name for Spirocerca lupi? Esophageal worm
What is the unique shape of a Spirocerca lupi ova? looks like a paper clip!
What is the route of transmission for Spirocerca lupi? ingestion of egg
What does prepatent period mean? time from the point of infection until a specific diagnostic stage can be recovered, the diagnostic stage of the life cycle
How is Physaloptera transmitted? Ingestion of larvated eggs
What is the common name for Physaloptera? Canine and feline stomach worms
Can Physaloptera cause anemia? Yes because they suck blood!
Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati, and Toxascaris leonina are all nematodes and they all have the same common name, which is what? roundworms
What is another name for roundworms? ascarids
Why do adult roundworms cause vomiting? They can swim from the small intestines back up to the stomach and cause vomiting.
What is the life cycle of roundworms? Adults are in intestines, they mate, eggs are passed in the feces, they mature on ground into L2 larvae, these are ingested, larvae migrate to various tissues(lungs), coughed up, swallowed, cycle begins again.
Define vermifuge. anthelmintic that paralyzes the parasite so it passes out in the feces.
Define vermicide. anthelmintic that kills the parasite and allows the parasite to be broken down by the body
Which roundworm can infect humans? Toxocara canis
What disease does Toxocara canis cause in humans? visceral larva migrans
what is Mrs. Sharon's favorite parasite ova??? Trichuris vulpis!! It is beautiful!
What is the common name of the nematode called Trichuris vulpis? whipworm
Where are Trichuris vulpis adults found in the body? cecum and colon
What is the transmission route of Trichuris vulpis? Ingestion of eggs
What is a characteristic of the Trichuris vulpis ova? bi-polar plugs at each end
Do Trichuris vulpis suck blood? YES
Do whipworms float well in flotation solutions? NO!!! You have to let the sample sit longer than normal. Probably about 15 minutes at least.
What is a pseudoparasite? Living creatures or inanimate objects that are not parasitic but may be mistaken for, or erroneously identified as parasites
What are the whipworms that are found in felines? Trichuris campanula and Trichuris serrata
Why is it important to clean up feces on the ground asap? to prevent the ground from becoming infected with the larvae that could hatch out of the ova in the feces
The scientific name for the intestinal threadworms of dogs and cats is what? Strongyloides stercoralis
What is the transmission route for Strongyloides stercoralis? through the skin and in mammary milk to puppies
Define parthenogenesis. when males do not exist and the female worms are capable of producing viable ova without fertilization from a male
Which nematode is responsible for causing neurologic larva migrans because they migrate to the CNS? Baylisascaris procyonis
What is the common name for Baylisascaris procyonis?? Raccoon roundworm
What is the scientific name of the hookworm that infects felines only? Ancylostoma tubaeforme
What is the scientific name of the hookworm that infects canines only? Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocphala
What is the scientific name f the hookworm that infects canines and felines? Ancylostoma braziliense
Where are hookworm adults found in the body? small intestine
What damage can hookworms do? suck blood, cause anemia and death
What are the four routes of transmission for hookworms? ingestion of eggs, trhough skin, across placenta, and through mammary milk
What do hookworms secrete that causes the bleeding to be worse when they reattach to different areas of the small intestine mucosa? anticoagulant
What color are the stools of puppies and kittens that have an infection with hookworms? black, tarry stools because the blood is digested
What is the disease called that humans get when they become infected with hookworms? cutaneous larval migrans
What is a spurious parasite? parasite eggs or cysts from one species of host that may be found in the feces of a scavenger or predator host as the result of coprophagy or predation
What is a paratenic host? an intermediate host whose presence may be required for the completion of a parasite's life cycle but in which no development of the parasite occurs.
Do parasites live in other systems besides the GI tract? YES!!!
Where does Dirofilaria immitis adults live? right ventricle and pulmonary arteries
What is the transmission route of Dirofilaria immitis? getting bitten by an infected mosquito
What is the common name for Dirofilaria immitis? heartworms
What is the definitive host for Dirofilaria immitis? canines
What are the baby heartworms that are found in the bloodstream called? microfilaria
What is the prepatent period for heartworms? 6 months
Why does Acanthocheilonema reconditum sometimes get mistaken for Dirofilaria immitis? They are both filarial worms that can be found in the circulatory system and they are very similiar in appearance.
Can felines get heartworms? YES
What do female Dirofilaria immitis look like when compared with the males? females are longer with a straight tail and males are shorter with a cork screw tail
What are the lungworms of felines scientific name? Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
How is a cat infected with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus? ingestion of the larvae
How can Aelurostrongylus abstrusus be diagnosed in the feline? fecal flotation, Baermann technique or a tracheal wash
What is the scientific name of the canine lungworm? Filaroides osleri, Filaroides hirthi
Can a female canine pass the canine lungworm to her puppies through her milk? NO!! She can pass them to the puppies when she is licking and cleaning them.
What egg can be confused with Eucoleus aerophilus? Trichuris vulpis
Eucoleus aerophilus and Eucoleus boehmi both cause what kind of problems in dogs? respiratory
What does it mean when a parasite has been found in an aberrant site? a parasite that is found in other places than where it is usually found
This nematode can be found in the lacrimal duct of canines and felines> Thelazia californiensis
How is Thelazia californiensis transmitted? through the face fly, Musca autumnalis
This nematode lives in the subcutaneous tissues of the dog and can cause a draining sore. Name it! Dracunculus insignis--Guinea worm
What stimulates the Dracunculus insignis female worm to release her larvae ? Water!!
How are dogs infected with Dracunculus insignis? Through drinking infected water that have crustaceans in it that have eaten the larvae when the female expeled them in the water
What is the scientific name of the subcutaneous filarial worm that is sometimes mistaken for Dirofilaria immitis? Acanthocheilonema reconditum
What is the intermediate host for Acanthocheilonema reconditum? the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis
This free-living soil nematode can be found in the superficial skin of animals and can produce a pustular dermatitis. Rhabditis strongyloides-aka-Pelodera
This adult parasite is found in the right kidney of canines. Dioctophyma renale
What is the common name of Dioctophyma renale? Canine giant kidney worm
What kind of sample is needed to look for Dioctophyma renale ova? urine
What nematode is the largest? Dioctophyma renale
How is dioctophyma renale transmitted? If an infected dog urinates and an annelid worm ingests eggs within the urine, the eggs mature in infective larva, then a dog eats this annelid worm off the ground and can be infected
The other urinary system adult nematodes are found in the bladder of canines and felines. Name these two. Pearsonema plica and Pearsonema feliscati
What is the intermediate host of the bladder worm? earthworm that contains infected L3 Larvae
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