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PCS Phys Ed


alley the sixty feet of pine or maple on which you roll the ball; known as the "lane" in today's bowling talk
approach maple area behind the foul line where the bowler makes his delivery
arrow aiming devise located on the lane approximately 15 ft. out from the foul line
double two consecutive strikes
foul line the one-half inch black plastic strip that separates the approach from the lane
frame one-tenth part of a game; one of ten score boxes in which the score of the game is registered
gutter ball misdirected ball that rolls off the lane into the gutter
headpin the pin at the apex of the triangle formed by the ten pins; the number one pin
houseball a ball provided by the bowling alley for customer use
lane another name for alley
leadoff the first person in the line-up
league an organized group of teams bowling on a regular, formal basis, under a specific code of rules and regulations
lofting throwing the ball out on the lane well beyond the foul line
mark a strike or a spare
open frame a frame without a strike or a spare
pocket the area between 1 and 3 pins; the strike zone
set-up all ten pins are standing in their triangular pattern
sleeper a pin which is concealed from view by another pin
spare knocking down all ten pins in one frame with two rolls of the ball
split when the first ball leaves two or more pins standing with at least the width of a pin between the standing pins
strike knocking down all ten pins with the first ball in a frame
strike-out finish with three consecutive strikes in the tenth frame
sweep the metal mechanism that clears the pin deck after every delivery of the ball
triple or turkey three consecutive strikes
Created by: Ms.Sala