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Chapter 7 Review

Veterinary Science

This occurs when heat- dissipating mechanisms cannot overcome excessive ambient temperatures Hyperthermia
A condition that causes a lack of lung sounds in the ventral lung field Pleural Effusion
The age, sex, breed, color, and reproductive status of an animal Signalment
A congenital heart defect that results in "bounding" pulses Patent ductus arteriosus
I don't see any change in the amount of water she is drinking or the amount of urine in the box Systems review
She was feeling well until last Tuesday Last Normal
I am giving her hairball medicine twice a week Medications
She was vomiting about once a day for a few days, but is now vomiting a couple times a day Progression
What is borborygmus Intestinal motility sound
What is icterus Yellow mucous membranes
What is Halitosis Foul odor to the breath
What is Excoriation Skin lesions caused by scratching
Is the medical record a legal document True
Medical terminology should be avoided on the medical record False
The normal pulse rate in the adult horse at rest is 17 to 27 bpm False
Normal horses cannot breathe through the mouth True
Which term refers to sugar in the urine Glycosuria
From which vessel is the pulse generally taken in a dog or cat Femoral Artery
Which may cause a weak peripheral pulse Hypovolemia
Which is a sign of a bacterial skin infection Broken hairs
From which vessel is the pulse most commonly felt in the horse Facial artery
Which term refers to the absence of intestinal sounds and may be noted in the horse Ileus
Are there any other cats in the house The vomiting may be caused by the change in environment
Has there been a change in her appetite or water consumption There might be a blockage in the stomach
Which physical findings suggest dehydration Pale, dry membranes
What is decreased circulating blood volume Hypovolemia
A disease condition that causes an enlarged uterus because of build up of pus Pyometra
What are the nostrils Nares
A technique used to detect abdominal gas accumulations Abdominal Pinging
I brought her in today because she started vomiting about a week ago Presenting complaint
What is alopecia Hair loss
What is stertor Inspiratory noise similar to snoring
What is ileus Complete absence of intestinal motility
What is pruritic Itchy
Which term refers to an elevated body temperature Hyperthermia
The rolling of the lower eyelid in toward the eye is know as ectropion
What is the medical term for pupils of different sizes Anisocoria
What device is used for auscultation Stethoscope
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