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Food Virology

Food Micro Lab Final Exam

Define virus. An obligate intracellular parasite.
T or F: Viruses can only replicate with a host cell. True
T or F: Viruses have their own metabolic capacity. False
The genome of a virus is surrounded by a ____ protein layer. capsid
Name thee human enteric viruses. Norovirus, Hepatitis A, Astrovirus, Rotavirus
T or F: Viruses prefer alkaline pH. True
Name two ways which viruses are concentrated. Ultrafiltration, 10%PEG6000 + 0.3 M NaCl precipitation
How are viruses analyzed? Plaque assay or harvest RNA for qRT-PCR
What are three methods for human norovirus detection? Electron microscopy, RT-PCR, enzyme immunoassay
T or F: Electron microscopy can distinguish between strains of viruses. False
____ is the method of choice for detecting low virus titers. RT-PCR
T or F: RT-PCR can distinguish between virus genogroups. True
What are four desirable characteristics for norovirus detection methods? Sensitive and specific, rapid results, can be used for detection and genotyping, works on a variety of sample types, can distinguish between infectious and non-infectious
The ISO/CEN method can quantify what viruses? Hepatitis A and norovirus
T or F: There is no standardized methods for the diagnosis of enteric viruses. True
Name two traditional ligands for human norovirus recognition. Monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal sera
Name three novel ligands for human norovirus recognition. Single chain monoclonal antibodies, peptide antigens, nucleic acid aptamers, HBGA
Single chain antibodies are often concentrated and purified to use in ____. EIA
Quantification of viruses is done using ____. RT-PCR
Low levels of viruses can lead to variation of up to __ log. 1
T or F: Viruses in foods are evening distributed. False
T or F: There is no regulatory microbiological data available for viruses. True
Infectivity assays reduced ____ and increases _____. inhibitors, sensitivity
T or F: Infectivity assays can be used to grow norovirus. False
Laboratory growth of viruses requires ____ cells. host
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