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Detection of MOs

Food Micro Lab Final Exam

What are two books referenced for microbiological methods? FDA BAM, USDA Microbiology Guidebook
What is the purpose of using Petrifilms? A ready-to-use alternative to traditional enumeration media; does not require as much prep.
What is VIDAS? An automated immunoassay system.
VIDAS uses ELFA, which stands for what? Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay
VIDAS allows for specific detection of a ____ or _____. toxin, antigen
T or F: If a VIDAS result comes back positive, it means the product definitely is contaminated. False
T or F: VIDAS results need to be confirmed culturally or biochemically. True
Describe the MPN technique. Multiple dilutions of a sample are made and assessed for turbidity. The number of positive tubes corresponds to a MPN/100 mL.
MPN is based on the ______ distribution. Poisson
Define MPN. A statistical estimate of concentration.
What is TEMPO? An automated quality indicator system which does MPN for you.
What is the final result of TEMPO expressed in? CFU/g
Name three methods of conventional identification. Selective/differential media, serological testing, biochemical tests
Name three methods of rapid testing. PCR, ATLAS, Vitek
What are the three components of PCR? DNA extraction, DNA amplification, DNA detection
What are the steps involved in PCR? Denaturation, annealing, extension
qPCR uses ______ in order to detect levels of _____ _____. fluorophores, gene expression
What three biochemical methods are used for bacteria identification? Growth media, serological tests, protein analysis
What is Vitek used for? Identification of bacteria and antibiotic susceptibility.
T or F: MPN is particularly useful for high concentrations of organisms. False
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