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Jasmine Hernandez

P.E. Muscles and exercises

Exercises Muscles Worked
Bicep Curl (has a twist) Bicep
Hammer Curl Bicep
Concentrated Curl (Thinking man, while sitting , move dumbbell up and down so the db is almost touching the floor) Bicep
Triceps Extension Tricep
Triceps Kick back Tricep
One arm row Deltiods, Lats(Lattissimus Dorsi)
Lat pull down Lats
Bench Press and dumbbell bench press Pecs(pectoralis)
Pushs-ups Core, Abdominals
Ball Squats and Squats Quads(Quadriceps)
Lunges glutes , hamstrings and quadriceps
Leg Press Quads, Gluts(Glutes Maximus)
Back Extensions Muscles from your neck to lower back
RDL's (Romanian Deadlifts) Glutes and Hamstrings
Heal Raises Gastrocnemius
Crunches and Side Crunches Abs(abdominals), Obliques
Russian twists obliques
Swivels Mostly -Abdominal, obliques
V-sits Abdominal, obliques
Side bends(similar to lateral raises but you don't lift up as high) obliques
Pike Crunches Abdominal, obliques
Adductors Adductor
Abductor gluteus maximus, gluteus medius
Frontal(front)and lateral(side) raises Deltoids
Body Squats gluts
Scissors Abdominal
Jump Squats quads,hams , glutes
Shoulder press (Dumbbells above shoulders) triceps, deltoids
Triceps pull down triceps
Dead lifts Gluteus Maximus,Quadriceps Adductor Muscles,Hamstrings
Planks Abs
Hip(side)planks abs, obliques
Hip taps abs, obliques
Chest Flys (tree huggers) Chest
Created by: hernanadezj