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Vet 300 final

vet med terminology

-crine to secrete
Aden/o gland
Gonad/o gamete-producing gland
-tropic affinity for
Lute/o yellow
Lact/o milk
Supra- above
Para- around
Ad- towards
Mellit/o honey
Hyperadrenocorticism Cushing's
Episotomy cut made to the peritoneum to enlarge the vaginal opening before delivery
Pyometra pus in the uterus
Orchitis inflammation of the testes
Metritis inflammation of the Uterus
Part/o giving birth
Gravid/o pregnant
-para bear
Vivi live
Colp/o vagina
Hyster/o uterus
Sapling/o tube
Extrins/o contained outside
Blepahar/o eyelid
Tars/o edge of the eyelid
Lacrim/o tear duct
Kerat/o cornea
Mydriasis dilation of the pupil
Phac/o lens
Macul/o spot
Lute/o yellow
Anisocoria unequal pupil size
Tympan/o eardrum
Osteosarcoma tumor in bone tissue
Carcinogen cancer causing
Onc/o tumor
Immune/o protect
Otos ear
Leukocytosis elevated white blood cells
Leukopenia low white blood cell count
Hemolysis breakdown of blood
Thrombocyte platelet
Anemia low iron
-phage eating
Flour/o glow
Morbidity how many are sick
Mortality how many are dead
Prophylaxis prevention
Subclinical not showing signs of illness but is sick
Iatrogenic caused by physician
Idiopathic unknown cause of an illness
Pyr/o fire
Signalment description of the animal
Nosocomial illness contracted in a clinic
Sphygmomanometer instrument used to measure blood pressue
Nonparenteral route via the GI tract
Percutaneous through the skin
Sublingual below the tongue
Transdermal across the skin
Analgesic relieves pain w/o affecting consciousness
Anticoagulant inhibits blood clotting
antiemetic inhibits vomiting
Antitussive relieves coughing
Miotic constrict the pupils
Eviscerate removal of organs
Ligate to strangulate
Polydactyly more than the correct number of digits
Ad libitum free choice
Coprophagy eating feces
Steatitis inflammation of fat
Flehmen response some animals have in the presence of female urine
Hindgut cecum
Cribbing chewing on nonfood objects while swallowing air
Heaving extra contraction of the flank muscles during respiration
Waxing waxy buildup of dried milk on teats
Floating filing teeth flat
Lamina attaches the hoof to the underlying structure
Ruminant animal with a four chambered stomach
Cull to remove undesired animals from the herd
Dental Pad hard surface of the upper mouth of ruminants
Flushing increasing feed before breeding
Hybrid Vigor cross-breeding dissimilar breed to create better stock
Preconditioning before finishing
Springing indicates parturition is here
Chevon adult goat meat
Atrophied shrinking
Rhinitis inflammation of the snout
Farrowed having given birth
Syrinx voice box in birds
Cere thickened skin at the base of the external nares
Plume feathers that are close to the body and provide warmth
Preening to care for the feathers
Keel breastbone
candling shining light through an egg to check for fertilization
Torticollis wry neck
Urolithiasis urinary bladder stones
Carapace dorsal region of a turtle
Scute scale-like structure
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