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AVS-268 Flank...


Feline Onychectomy or Declawing Elective surgery. Amputation of P3 on each digit, front limbs. Dissection of p3 using a # 12 hooked blade Glue skin, bandage and hospitalize overnight
Canine Dewclaw Removal Elective surgery. Best time is at birth. Greater than 3 days old has to be done with pain meds.
Feline Fibro sarcoma Caused by ??? Oncogene gets turned on injection or reaction by body.
Fibro sarcoma treatment Surgical removal +/- amputation +/- radiation
Feline Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin cancer in cats, very common in white cats. Location are ear, nose, mouth, head, and eyelids.
Cell Carcinoma treatment Surgical removal, metastasis seems to be slow depending on type.
Canine Cutaneous Histiocytoma Seen on limbs, digits, ears of young dogs (<3-4yrs). Usually benign. Solitary, raised, red nodule. Dog may lick it depending on location
Cutaneous Histiocytoma treatment Surgical removal or wait and see. Antibiotics if canine is licking or causing irritation, e-collar(cone of shame)
Canine Mast Cell Lumps and bumps on skin, these can either be under the skin or raised above the skin. Whole body distribution.
Canine Mast Cell Tumors Surgery is best option. Margins sometimes difficult, deep margins important with this cancer. Good survival with grade 1 and 2.
Rodents- Mammary Tumors Can be in male and females. Neuter/spay will decrease the occurrence. Locally very invasive. Expensive to remove.
Created by: laura.peterson38