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Animal Final

What are the 4 parts of the penis Body, Sigmoid Flexture, Shaft and Glands Penis
Ovaries are? the primary sex organ for the female
What is Estress When a female is ready to mate
What is Estress cycle The time from one estress to another
What is anestrus When an animal doesnt show signs of heat
What is the function of the Epidiymis To store and transport
What is the function of the testicles To make sperm and testosterum
Where does ejaculation come from The Epidiymis
What is Dystocia Difficulty in giving birth
What is Parturition When an animal is close
What is the true stomach The Abomasum
The honey comb like structure is The reticulum
What is the cecum The part that allows you to determinate what kind of animal it is
What is one thing rumenans do not have Valves
Where does protein come from Amino Acids
RDP stands for Rumen Degradable Protein
What part absorbs water and nutrients Omasum
A function of the cervics is as a Barrier to control what enter and exit the uterus
The hormone that causes a follicle to break open and release an egg is Luteninizing hormone
The function of the uterine horn in the ewe is Site of implantation
In cows the closest membrane to the fetus is The Amnion membrane
The primary purpose for castration is To stop sperm and testosterone production
Created by: jamyiaamoore