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FoodMicroLecture 24

Final Exam

What is FDA BAM? Collection of methods preferred by the FDA.
T or F: All methods in the FDA BAM are validated. False
What does BAM stand for? Bacteriological Analytical Manual
What four things will most methods in FDA BAM involve? Sampling, Resuscitation, Enrichment, Identification
T or F: Most methods in the FDA BAM are qualitative. True
What does MLG stand for? Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook
What is the MLG primarily focused on? USDA regulated foods
What three things will most methods in the MLG involve? Sampling, Isolation, Identification
T or F: Most methods in the MLG are quantitative. False
T or F: The FDA Food Code is law. False
What products is the Listeria Rule focused on? RTE meat and poultry
T or F: The Listeria Rule is voluntary. True
Name one item which is not covered in the Listeria Rule. If a product is cooked in a bag/process delivers 5 log reduction.
What is the 1st alternative in the Listeria Rule? Use both post-lethality treatment and antimicrobial agent/process.
Name three post lethality treatments. HPP, pasteurization, heat treatment
Name three antimicrobial processes. Fermentation, drying, freezing
T or F: A post lethality treatment should demonstrate at least 1 log reduction of Listeria. True
T or F: Post lethality treatments and antimicrobial treatments do not need to be listed in a HACCP plan. False
Food contact surface testing is required for which Listeria Rule alternatives? 2 and 3
Juice HACCP requires a ___ log reduction in the target organism. 5
Define validation. The collection and evaluation of scientific and technical information to determine if the treatment, when properly applied, will effectively control the hazard.
Define concurrent validation. Validation concurrent with manufacturing process.
Define retrospective validation. Validation of a process for a product already in distribution.
Define prospective validation. Validation conducted prior to the distribution of a product.
Define pertinent organism. The most resistant microorganism of public health significance that is likely to occur.
What three things is high degree of assurance defined by? Capability, reliability, reproducability
What is the pertinent organism for category 1 (refrigerated) juices? Clostridium botulinum
What is the pertinent organism for category 2 juices? Listeria monocytogenes or E. coli
What are two types of challenge studies? Growth inhibition, pathogen inactivation
Define a safe harbor. A recognized procedure that can be employed without further validation studies.
T or F: Safe harbors can be used as trade secrets. False
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