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FoodMicroLecture 20

Final Exam

Name three agencies involved in food safety. FDA, FSIS, EPA, CDC
The USDA conducts _____ inspection while the FDA conducts _____ inspection. continuous, periodic
Name three food statutes. Federal Food and Drugs Act of 1906, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1966, FSMA of 2011
____ are enacted by Congress, whereas ____ are written by regulatory agencies. Laws, regulations
Final rules are published in the _____ _____. Federal Register
Define HACCP. A system to identify, evaluate, and control hazards significant for food safety.
What are the five HACCP preliminary steps? 1. Assemble a HACCP team. 2. Describe the food. 3. Identify use and intended consumers. 4. Develop a the process flow diagram. 5. Verify the flow diagram.
HACCP Principles: 1. Conduct a ____ analysis. hazard
HACCP Principles: 2. Identify critical _____ points. control
HACCP Principles: 3. Establish ____ limits. critical
HACCP Principles: 4. Establish ____ procedures. monitoring
HACCP Principles: 5. Establish ____ actions. corrective
HACCP Principles: 6. Establish ____ procedures. verification
HACCP Principles: 7. Establish ____ keeping procedures. records
Define hazard. A biological, chemical, or physical agent of a food with potential to cause an adverse health effect.
Define risk. Likelihood of occurence.
Define severity. Public health impact.
Define critical limit. A criterion which separates acceptability from unacceptability.
T or F: A critical control point can have more than one critical limit. True
Define monitoring. Assess whether or not a CCP is under control.
What are the three purposes of monitoring? Assess control, provide a written record, create data to determine trends.
Name four reasons for FSMA. Globalization, food supply more high-tech and complex, shifting demographics, series of outbreaks and recalls.
What are the four main themes of FSMA legislation? Prevention, enhanced partnerships, inspections/compliance, import safety.
Name three forms of preventive controls. GMPs, cleaning/sanitation practices, recall plan
Name three new responsibilities of the FDA under FSMA. Increased inspections (domestic and foreign), suspension of registration, mandatory recall, expanded administrative detention authority ("reason to believe")
Third party auditors are required to report to ____ any conditions whcih could cause series risk to public health. FDA
Describe the voluntary qualified importer program. FDA will provide expedited entry for qualified importers who participate.
Name five import-related provisions under FSMA. Accreditation process for third party auditors, laboratory accreditation, foreign supplier verification, voluntary qualified importer program, third party certification.
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