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FoodMicroLecture 17

Food Micro Midterm 3

Name three traditional processing techniques. Fermentation, heating, freezing, preservatives
Name three non-traditional processing techniques. Irradiation, high pressure, pulse electric field, ultrasound
Define fermentation. Gradual chemical changes caused by enzymatic activity of some bacteria, molds, yeasts.
Define desiccation. Dehydrating or drying
Generally ___ times more sugar is needed to achieve the same effect as NaCl. 6
Salt reduces ___ levels and increases _____. water activity, osmotic pressure
_____ was the first chemical permitted by the FDA. Benzoic acid
T or F: Sorbic acid is more effective in neutral rather than acid foods. False
Sorbic acid is commonly used in _____. fermentation
Sorbates + ______ = meat preservation nitrates
How do sorbic acids work? Weakens membrane potential of pathogens and causes cell to lose homeostasis.
_____ are used a a mold inhibitor. Propionates
T or F: Propionates are most effective in acidic foods. False
______ can be used as a gas or a liquid. Sulfites
______ can be either a reducing or oxidizing agent. Nitrites
______ inhibits C. botulinum species. Nitrites
Define lactoferrin. An iron binding glycoprotein in cow's milk which is active against a variety of pathogens.
Lactroferrin is activated by _____. bicarbonate
T or F: Lactoferrin is heat stable. True
Name four food sanitizers. Acidified sodium chlorite, activated lactoferrin, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine
T or F: Chlorine does not depend on pH or temperature. False
______ sanitizer is approved for organic produce. Chlorine
T or F: Ozone is more potent than chlorine. True
Created by: goberoi