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ceramics vocab

wedge Clay preparation, where a lump of clay is rolled upon itself, while stretching and pulling to get out the air bubbles.
score Roughing up surface of a piece of clay, usually by making hatch marks with a needle tool, to attach to another piece of clay
slip liquid clay
pinch pot A cup form that is made from a ball of clay after pinching and rotating to create an opening in the clay.
kiln A special oven or furnace that can reach very high temperatures and is used to bake or fire clay.
fire -A process of applying heat to make a hard pottery, done in a kiln.
ceramic Objects made of clay fired
clay A natural material of earth, that becomes plastic when moistened and hard when fired.
plastic Clay that molds nicely.
bat A wooden surface on which clay is handled.
slab construction A method of construction in which sheets of clay are rolled out, cut to size and then attached to create the desired form using the score and slip method.
slab even slice of clay.
bisque Unglazed clay that has been fired once
bisque firing The first firing which drives the physical water from the clay and hardens it.
greenware Unfired pottery that is bone dry, a state in which the clay forms are the most fragile.
leatherhard Point in the drying process when the clay is no longer pliable, it can support itself and carves well.
armature The skeleton like framework used for support of a sculpture
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