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Gen. Man. Proc. 602


When dealing with juvenile offenders, officers shall use the least coercive remedies among reasonable alternatives to include? outright release, issuance of citations or summonses, referral to juvenile court
A child under __ YOA who is taken into custody for committing a criminal offense cannot be detained for investigative purposes without permission from the child's __, __, or __. 10, parent, custodian, or guardian
If permission is not granted the child is __ to the custody of a parent, custodian, or guardian, with a copy of the report sent to __ Processing Office and the appropriate __ unit. released, Juvenile, follow-up
Adults taken into custody for outstanding juvenile warrants are transported to the __. Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center
Juv. booked into the Bexar CO. Jail by mistake are released immediately and referred to the Juv. Pro. Off. if a cert. of __ or a __ copy is presented, a __ certificate is presented with __ sworn affidavits certifying the DOB, or the juv. __ is cert. birth, certified, baptismal, 2, age
When issuing juveniles misdemeanor citation(s) the letter __ is written in the upper right-hand corner of the __. J, citation
The release of a juvenile at the officers __, to the custody of a parent, custodian, guardian, adult relative, or other responsible party is documented in a written __. discretion, report
Children __ YOA or under are transported to the __ located at 2939 W. Woodlawn Avenue. 12, Children's Shelter
Juveniles __ YOA or older are transported to the __ located at 3103 West Avenue. 13, Bridge
The __ will scrutinize children who are __, __, and children who __ . Bridge, suicidal, homicidal, do not want to stay at the Bridge
The Children's Shelter and the Bridge will accommodate all children provided there is __, if these options have failed the officer contacts the __ Processing Office. room, Juvenile
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