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Parliamentary Terms


Fix time to which to adjourn Time for next meeting
Adjourm End the meeting
To take a recess Delays action
To raise a question of privlege Correct undesirable condition
To call for the orders of the day To secure adherence to order of business
Appeal the decision of the chair Questioning the chair
Point of order When rule has been broken
Parliamentary Inquiry Ask question dealing with the motion on the floor
Suspend the rules To permit Action not possible under the rules
Division of the house TO determine accuracy of via voice vote. Accurate check on vote.
To divide the question Secure more careful consideration of parts
To nominate Suggest names for office
Close nominations Closes instantiations/ forces a vote
Withdraw a motion Pulls a motion, only done by person whom makes the motion before seconded
Lay on the table Delays action on motion. Clears the table for more urgent business
To call for previous question Ends Debate. Immediate vote on pending question
To limit or extend time of debate Provides more or less time for debate
To postpone definitely (to a certain time) Often gives more time for informal discussion and for securing followers. Delays action
To postpone indefinitely Kills the motion totally forever. To prevent a vote on the motion
To refer to a committee To enable more careful consideration to be given by a designated committee
To amend To improve the motion. To change original motion
To amend the amendment To change the amendment to the motion
To reconsider To reconsider the question
Accept report Accept report
To rescind Repeal action previously taken. Annul. Make Legally void
Take form the table Continue consideration of the question
To ratify Approves previous action taken
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