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Anthropology Exam 2

When was Adripithecus ramidus found? 1992
Who found Adripithecus ramidus? Time White
How old is Adripithecus ramidus? 4.4 million years old
What is Adripithecus ramidus common name? Forrest dweller
What is the Forrest dwellers scientific name? Adripithecus ramidus
When was Australopithecus anamensis found? 1990s
Who found Australopithecus anamensis? Meave Leaky
How old is Australopithecus anamensis? 4 million years old
What is Australopithecus anamensis common name? 1965 (lake Turkana)
What is 1965(lake Turkanas) scientific name? Australopithecus Anamensis
When was Australopithecus afarensis found? 1974
How old is Australopithecus afarensis? 4-3 million years old
What is Australopithecus afarensis common name? Lucy
What is Lucys scientific name? Australopithecus afarensis
Who found Australopithecus afarensis? Don Johanson
When was Australopithecus africanus found? 1924
Who found Australopithecus africanus? Raymond Dart
How old is Australopithecus africanus? 3 million years ago
What is Australopithecus africanus common name? Taung baby
What is Taung baby's scientific name? Australopithecus africanus
List the 4 fossils found in Africa from oldest to newest (year they were actually from not found) Ardipithecus ramidus or Forest dweller Australopithecus anamensis Australopithecus afarensis or Lucy australopithecus africanus or taung baby
What do the first four fossils (forest dweller, lucy, taung baby and 1965) all have in common? They were all found in Africa
Describe the characteristics of being ape like from the waist up (there's 4) small brains small stature long arms ape like teeth
What is so important about the year 1924 (besides Taung baby being found) It was the beginning of discipline of human experience
Who found homo habilis? Mary and Louis Leakey
How old is homo habilis? 2.4 million years old
When was homo habilis found? 1960
What is homo habilis's common name? Tool maker
What is tool makers scientific name? Homo habilis
What is special about Homo habilis? The first species to show use of tools
What was the first evidence of culture in the fossil record? Oldowon tools
What were oldowon tools used for? Scavenging
What does "Homo" mean culture
When was homo erectus found? 1984
Who found homo erectus? Richard Leakey
How old is homo erectus? 1.8 million years old
What is homo erectus common name? Turkana boy
What is special about homo erectus? First species to show use of fire
What is Turkana boys scientific name? Homo erectus
What does fire show? Population can finally migrate out of Africa
How old is Homo neanderthalensis? 200,000 years old
Who found Homo neanderthalensis? A school teacher
When was Homo neanderthalensis found? 1856
What is Homo neanderthalensis common name? Cave man
What is Cave man's scientific name? Homo neanderthalensis
What is the common misconception about neanderthals? That they are dumb
What makes the neanderthal look dumb? (3 reasons) No neck Really big nose Pronounced brow ridge
What is a homo sapien? Modern day human
What makes a human, a human? Being a biped
How did Lucy prove bipedialism as a human trait? Footprints were found
How can you tell a skeleton is a male or female? If it has wider hips it is a women
What is a hominid? an erect walking bipedal primate that is human, ancestors to human, or collateral relative to humans
What separated hominids from apes? Being a biped
Why are hominids brains so big? Social life
When did hominids brains start increasing? 2 million years ago
Why did homo sapiens outlive their relatives? (3 theories) Ability to adapt to environment during ice age Having more children Ability to migrate to different regions
Diseases of civilization? diseases or disorders such as obesity which epitomize a great deal of modern capitalist society, and their infrequent care for their health
Food Foragers? People who live in a society with economic patterns of harvesting of wild food resoures
Why are humans shorter than they were before? Agriculture reduced animal intake
How are teeth now different than paleolithic period? Way more cavities now
What was the stone age diet? less salt, hardly any dairy, and meat was less fatty
Epidemiology Study of disease patterns (diseases of civilization)
What are some diseases of civilization? (name 4) heart disease diabetes lung cancer (from smoking) obesity
Created by: jessicavaubel