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Gen. Man. Proc. 410

Body Worn Cameras

Officers shall use the issued BWC equipment while wearing which types of uniforms? command, regulation, formal, or unit specific
Officers wearing __ apparel or __ uniform shall be excluded from wearing the BWC. relaxed, honor guard
Any __ decals, emblems, symbols or other __ affixed to the device is prohibited. unauthorized, advertisements
A label containing __ markings, affixed to the rear of the BWC device __ visible while worn is authorized. identifiable, NOT
True or False? Officers should activate/ deactivate the BWC soley upon the request of a citizen. False: should NOT
All stoppages other than __ functions testing or accidental activation, of the BWC must be documented in the officers video, report, or CFS comments. Administrative
Failure to record activities as laid out in this policy will not be considered a policy as long as __ justification is documented. reasonable
When deactivation of BWC equipment is authorized after: all arrests have been made and arrestees have been transported and released from custody, all witnesses and victims have been interviewed, and continued recording will not serve to obtain additional evidence
Officers shall notify their immediate supervisor of __ or __ BWC equipment and complete SAPD form? damaged or malfunctioning, BWC2 Body Worn Camera Equipment Replacement Receipt
Officers promoting or who will be reassigned to duties where they will not be utilizing the BWC will return their BWC to their __ within __ hrs of their transfer. immediate supervisor, 72
Officers will use only department approved BWC __, __ storage, and __ stations. equipment, cloud, download
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for non-evidentiary video such as false starts, testing or IT administrative purposes. Event 0
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for all Crash or traffic accidents whereby a case number is used. Event CRA
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for all DWI offenses whereby a case number is used. Event DWI
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for all Felony Offenses whereby a case number is used. Event FOR
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for instances whereby a case number is issued but there is no offense. Event INC
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for all Misdemeanor Offenses whereby a case number is used. Event MOR
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for calls which are assigned an N-Code for disposition. Event NC
Video Categorization and Retention: is selected for Traffic Stops. Event TS
Any/ All videos initially categorized or upgraded to a Capital Felony or First Degree Felony must be retained for minimum of __ yrs (__ days) (50), (18, 250)
__ or __ degree felony, or any other video having evidentiary value, needing extension past the standard period, must be identified by a __ or a __ and have a hold request with an expiration date forwarded to the __ and __ office through the chain of com. Capital or First, Detective Investigator, Supervisor, Records and Administration
Off-Duty: Officers shall dock and upload their BWC on their next regularly scheduled tour of duty or within __ hrs of their last regular duty assignment (in effort to prevent loss or tampering of evidence). 72
Off-Duty: An officer may request to go beyond the __ period with the approval of a __ or above. 72, Sergeant
Officers working Extended Off-Duty Hours shall not work more than __ consecutive days without docking their BWC for a rest period of __ hours to allow it to upload all video content, charge the battery and transmit/ receive firmware updts and syst. maint. 14, 24
Created by: toniazzo
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