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Gen. Man. Proc. 313

Use of City Vehicles

True or False? All members of the department sworn and non-sworn, when operating or riding in a city vehicle shall wear the safety restraint devices provided in the city vehicle? True
True or False? All authorized passengers in city vehicles will be required to wear safety restraint devices? True
Members operating a city vehicle will keep __ device usage to a minimum and as brief as possible. mobile communication
The use of a mobile communication device is only allowed during __ use of city vehicles. routine
If acceptance or placement of a call is __, members operating a city vehicle should __ pull off the road and resume their travel after their brief call. unavoidable, safely
The use of a mobile communication with a __ device is the preferred method while operating a city vehicle. hands-free
__ while using a city vehicle is prohibited. Texting
Which authorized persons may be transported in a city vehicle? on-duty members, prisoners, complainants, and witnesses
Approval to transport off-duty members or non-members must be received from who? unit supervisor
The fleet services offices has equipped all marked police vehicles with a "__" for automated fueling. CANceiver
Members __ any city vehicle they operate prior to ending their tour utilizing their __ employee ID. refuel, COSA
Members operating a city vehicle with a lost, damaged, or inoperative FOB key call 207-__or notify __ fleet services; or go to the automotive operations officer at __ . Be prepared to provide the vehicle __ and __ reading. 8380, police, 329 S. Frio, number, odometer
The city __ provide to officers occupying the rank of __ or above a city owned vehicle for the officers use during his on duty employment and for the officers use in driving to and from __. shall, lieutenant, home
During the period of __ to __ each calendar year, members holding the rank of __ or above may elect to change from his car or __ allowance, as per __. June 1 to July 1, lieutenant, car, collective bargaining agreement
Authorization to be assigned a take home vehicle must be renewed each year by __ and SAPD form __ must be submitted. January 31, #167-TVA
Members assigned a take home vehicle, unless exempted by the Chief of Police shall; return the vehicle to their assigned units if they are off duty for a period exceeding __ days or return the vehicle to their parent unit if on __ status. 3, light duty
Upon receiving written authorization from the Chief of Police members assigned a take home vehicle while on stand by and/ or subject to immediate call out may use the vehicle as their __ means of transportation. primary
Where should immediate family members be taken if with a member, when called to a crime scene or other work related location? the nearest substation or other safe location
True or False? Family members are allowed to be taken to crime scenes. False: are NOT
Members discovering damage to their city vehicle or equipment shall immediately notify their __ and complete SAPD form# __. supervisor, 162 Found Damage Report
Members shall ensure proper __ maintenance is performed on their assigned vehicle on a __ basis or when notified by the __ shop. preventative, regular, vehicle repair
Members authorized to operate a city vehicle outside of Bexar County should present the __ and __ office with an approved SAPD form __, at least __ calendar days prior to departure. accounting and personnel, #106 Travel Request, 14
The __ and __ office issues the member a city motor fuel __, if required. accounting and personnel, credit card
Reimbursements for travel expenses are not made without? original receipts
Members involved in a motor vehicle crash while operating a city vehicle outside the city limit complete which SAPD form upon returning? #602-6 Vehicle Accident Report or Loss Notice
Created by: toniazzo
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