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Gen. Man. Proc. 309


The only time firearms not approved by the department may be carried is for the purpose of participating in __ activities. Sporting/ Leisure activities (i.e., hunting, shooting competions, etc.)
If approved on SAPD form __ officers may carry one concealed/ secondary handgun, while on-duty. Form #60-RCF "Request to Carry Firearm"
No more than __ handguns may be carried by on-duty officers. 2
All officers, when in uniform, shall carry at least __ approved intermediate weapon. 1
All officers having been issued an __ intermediate weapon, shall carry it when in uniform. ECD "Electronic Control Device"
All officers having been issued a __ weapon shall carry it when on duty. Shoulder
Officers must have their handguns, shoulder weapons and intermediate weapons registered with the __? Firearms Proficiency Control Officer (FPCO)
In case of an emergency, a __ may obtain a key for the ready room at the security desk, which is located at __? Supervisor and Police Headquarters
In which cases may you load or unload a firearm in a police facility? during maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspection, or processing as evidence by Crime Scene Unit investigators, or under the supervision of Training Academy Range Staff.
Handguns carried in containers are not required to be in a holster when such containers are designed to secure the handgun in a manner which would prevent? becoming readily accessible to unauthorized persons; accidental discharges; and exposure of the handgun to the public
A __ will be transported with the chamber empty, action closed, safety on; magazine tube loaded and stored in an approved shoulder weapon case inside the trunk of the police vehicle or in the vehicle mounted weapon rack. Shotgun
A __ will be transported with the chamber empty, bolt closed, safety on, magazine inserted and stored in an approved shoulder weapons case inside the trunk of the police vehicle, along with 1 additional loaded magazine; or secured weapon rack. AR-15
What type of circumstances may necessitate the need for an officer to have the shoulder weapon in the vehicle in other than the vehicle transport mode? Exigent Circumstances involving officer and public safety
Officers assigned to the __ may receive approval from their division commander to carry another approved handgun as their primary handgun. Special Operations Unit
Officers of the rank of __ or above while wearing a garrison belt will carry in an approved holster either the city issued S&W M&P40 or an optional primary handgun. Captain
The __ or his designee (supervisory officer) may authorize, in writing, officers working undercover assignments to carry an authorized weapon in a manner other than in an approved case. Chief of Police
The __ or his designee (supervisory officer) may authorize officers working undercover assignments not to carry a firearm for a specific assignment which may place the officer in a greater danger than being armed. Unit/ Shift Director
True of False? Should officers choose to open carry while off-duty, they may not display their badge and use an approved weapon and holster. False: they MUST display
The __ or his designee shall determine the types of firearms, ammunition, holsters, and shoulder weapon cases officers are approved to carry both on and off duty, subject to the approval of the Chief of Police. Training Academy Commander
Only __ models of handguns will be considered as options for approval for on-duty officers to carry as a primary weapon: 4, GLOCK model 23/ 27, S&W M&P40C, or S&W M&P40 Shield
For a handgun to be considered for approval it must; have a factory unaltered trigger press of not less than __ LBS; both the slide and receiver must be __ in color; must not be equipped with a magazine __ safety. 5, Black, Drop
Officers approved to carry an optional handgun as a primary weapon while on-duty shall carry at least __ to allow for a complete re-load of the weapon. 1 extra fully loaded magazine
Officers approved to carry an optional handgun as a primary weapon must carry the handgun in a holster designed for the make and model of the firearm that provides? at least 1 mechanical retention device and make the firearm readily available.
Shoulder holster must be in the __ carry configuration. Vertical
Handguns for Concealed/ Secondary or Cover/ Undercover Carry: A __ revolver with a caliber designation not less than __, nor more than __, that holds at least __ rounds of ammunition. Double-action, .38 caliber, .45 caliber, 5
Handguns for Concealed/ Secondary or Cover/ Undercover Carry: A __ handgun with a caliber designation not less than __, nor more that __, with a minimum magazine capacity of __ rounds of ammunition. Semi-automatic, .380 caliber, .45 caliber, 5
Handguns for Concealed/ Secondary or Cover/ Undercover Carry: Concealed holsters may consider the garment providing concealment as the __? Retention device
A 12-gauge pump shotgun must have a barrel length of __ to __ inches. With a minimum __ round magazine tube and a __ matching to the department-issued patrol shotgun. The weapon must have been produced and assembled by a __ manufacturer. 18 to 20 inches, 5 round, manual-of-arms, reputable
The shotgun may have __, __, or __ sights permanently affixed to the weapon. bead, rifle, or ghost ring
True or False? The shotgun may also have a non-magnifying optical sight in addition to the iron sights. True
The shotgun may have a __ stock, and/ or __ grip. retractable, pistol
The officer must provide either a __, __, or __ designed device affixed to the weapon that has the capability to hold additional rounds issued for duty carry. side-saddle, stock-pouch, like
An AR-15 style rifle in __ mm/ __ caliber only, with a barrel length of __ to __ inches (with or without __ suppressor), and manufactured by a __ major manufacturer. 5.56/ .223, 16 to 20 inches, flash, reputable
The continuous barrel length ( portion measured from the __, with __ closed, to the __ ) must be a minimum of __ inches. bolt face, bolt, muzzle, 16 inches
The __ excludes any device which is either __ or __ affixed to the barrel. barrel length, permanently or temporarily
The AR-15 style rifle must have a __ receiver; a minimum of __ 30 round mags.; __ iron sights affixed to the receiver; a factory unaltered trigger press weight of not less than __ LBS. metal, 2, adjustable, 4
The AR-15 style rifle may have a __ optical sight in addition to the adjustable iron sights; a __ or __ stock; __, __, or __ point sling. non-magnifying, fixed or adjustable, 1-2-or 3
The officer must provide a __ pouch, __, __ pouch, or like designed device that can hold at least __ 30 round magazine. magazine, coupler, drop, 1
The shotgun shall have a __, __, or __ point sling. 1, 2, or 3
Any additional ammunition officers choose to carry in emergency response equipment designed for primary weapons or shoulder weapons must be __, __ ammunition of the same __ brand, __, __, and __ as department issued duty ammunition. new, non-reloaded, manufacturer, caliber, weight, velocity
Uniformed officers shall utilize the __ model __ ALS duty holster to carry the S&W M&P40. Safariland , 6360
For a handgun weapon mounted light to be considered for approval it must: provide __ illumination of at least __ lumens; manufactured to fit the __; designated by Safariland to fit the light bearing version of the model __ ALS duty holster. LED, 120, S&W M&P40, 6360
A handgun weapon mounted light may be operated by either __ switch or __ pad. toggle, pressure
The department authorizes the use of which approved less lethal devices __, __, __? approved 12-gauge, 40 mm, 37 mm
True or False? Whenever possible, a second officer should observe and verify all stages of the unloading of the weapon and the loading of all less lethal munitions. False: SHALL
When deploying less lethal munitions, the preferred target areas are the __, __, __, __, or __ of the subject. arms, shoulders, thighs, knees, or shins
When deploying less lethal munitions, the operator should not intentionally target the __/ __, __, __, __, or __ of the subject. head/ neck, thorax, heart, groin, or spine
True or False? Officers are afforded 2 attempts on a given day at qualifying with the department issued handgun and with a personally owned handgun? True
True or False? Unsafe behavior or failure to demonstrate the proper functioning or handling of a handgun are also grounds for failure to qualify? True
All officers who are assigned to the remediation firearms course shall be required to attend __ remedial firearms training. Quarterly
Officers who fail to qualify on their final firearms attempts are retained on __ assignment, with recommendation for __ sent to the Chief of Police. special, termination
Only the department __, the academy assigned __, or certified __ staff will conduct repairs, modifications, or change parts to department issued firearms. armorer, FPCO, range
Created by: toniazzo
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