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PCS Phys Ed

Tag Rugby

What is the objective of tag rugby? to successfully move the rugby ball down the field to ultimately score a "try" (touchdown or point) for their team
How much is a try worth? 1 point
Tag rugby is a mixed competition sport because it has teams of what? both men and women
What is a rugby field called? a "pitch"
How do defenders try to prevent scoring? by "tagging" opposing players or pulling off their belts
What can you do when you have possession of the ball? -run forward -pass laterally -pass behind
Can you pass the ball forward in rugby? no
How must the ball be passed in rugby? always by passes underhand and below the waist with two hands on the ball
How many players are on each team of rugby? 7
How many players total are on a rugby field? 14
When does a tag or stoppage of play occur? when a flag is pulled
What happens when a ball carrier is tagged? the offensive team will put the ball on the ground where the tag occurred and will lose an attempt
How many attempts to get a "try" (touchdown or point) before a turnover or change of possession occurs? 6
When does a turnover occur? -off an interception -a dropped ball -a forward pass
Created by: Ms.Sala