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Animal Care Unit 1B2

Common disease in animals

Name a zoonotic disease Salmonella, ringworm
In which species is salmonella more common? Chickens and bearded dragons
What is meant by zoonotic? It can be passed from animals to humans
What are the signs/symptoms of salmonella? High temperature. Long lasting diarrhoea. Lethargy. Weight loss and septicaemia (blood poisoning)
How do we treat salmonella? Fluids to rehydrate after fluid loss through diarrhoea. Electrolytes in fluids to balance the levels of electrolytes in the body. Antibiotics. Anti-diarrhoeal drugs
How do we prevent salmonella? Quarantining new animals. Isolation of infected animals. Good hygiene. Control of pests (rats, mice and flies).
Which virus only affects RABBITS? Myxomatosis
How is myxomatosis spread? By mosquitoes and fleas or direct contact with an infected rabbit
What are the signs and symptoms of myxomatosis? Lumps on the body). Swelling of the eyes, head and genitals. Conjunctivitis (yellow/green discharge from eyes). Lethargy. Loss of appetite. Fever. Secondary bacterial infections such as pneumonia can develop as a result of the lowered immune system.
How do we treat myxomatosis? Keeping the animal warm and comfortable. Bathe the eyes with warm water. Fluids. Antibiotics to prevent/treat secondary bacterial infections.
How do we prevent myxomatosis? Vaccination (usually yearly, but every six months in areas where myxomatosis is common). Control of insects (flea treatment, mosquito screens). Isolation of sick rabbits.
Name a fungus that can be found in mammals Ringworm ‚óŹ a zoonotic disease, which means that humans can catch it, so care must be taken when working with infected animals
Is myxomatosis a virus or a bacteria? Virus
Is salmonella a virus or a bacteria? Bacteria
What are the signs/symptoms of ringworm? Raised red circular lesions. Hair loss. Excessive scratching and thickening of the skin
How do we treat ringworm? Antifungal creams. Antibiotics to treat secondary skin infections
How do we prevent ringworm? Thorough cleaning and disinfection of animal enclosures and fencing. Isolation of infected animals.
If an animal is infected by ringworm, what must be worn when handling them? PPE (disposable gloves, overalls)
Created by: MmeLightfoot